A meeting among "knowledge workers" at TAG Cosenza

A meeting among "knowledge workers". So we can define the event held March 10 at the headquarters of the Talent Garden Cosenza, using the expression of Peter Drucker used by Francesco Beraldi.

A meeting among “knowledge workers”. This is the expression of Peter Drucker used by Francesco Beraldi to define the event that took place at the headquarters of Talent Garden Cosenza, on 10th March.

In the 50s, Drucker suggested that the twenty-first century would have seen a prevalence of "knowledge workers" rather than manual workers, and his long view is an undeniable fact.

Also these new types of work require a stimulating environment that encourages the enhancement of the abilities of each worker. This is what TSC has proposed to do since its inception.

Francesco Beraldi told about this during the encounter with the young talents of TAG Cosenza, the coworking space 2.0 born in the last September and already become a reference center for the "knowledge workers" of Calabria.

As Mentor of the Talent Garden Cosenza, Beraldi chose to start from his personal experience to explain the difficulties and the satisfaction of doing business, and of doing it in an innovative way and in a country that still has a strong digital gap.

His career began in some big companies, which were engaged in the technology field but still had a "traditional" setting. Then continued with the foundation of Orangee and, later, of TSC; until the meeting with a great partner as Alkemy, that represents the future of the company.

An evolution that has at the base the desire to create a company that is first and foremost “a community of values and culture, as the small town of Caloveto”.

Togeter with Beraldi there was Alessandra Spada, that has followed the evolution of TSC since the foundation of the company and that recounted the activities and the insights of TSC Lab, the research and development area of the company.

The event was firstly a tale of the experiences of the Mentor and of the talents, who presented themselves, their stories and their activities. An informal but profitable meeting, which will certainly lead to a knowledge exchange.