Green Steps: a smart way to be green

Green Steps is a mobile app that checks daily travels and reveals their impact on the environment. The app rates each journey and assigns a score based on mean of transport, distance and type of route.

Green Steps tracks your travels and reveals their environmental impact. The app evaluates the mean of transport, the length of your path and the route you choose. At the end of your travel, Green Steps scores it: you get 100 points for a perfectly green travel, zero for a very polluting one. You can also share your scores with social networks or email.
A web app is also available, with a map where users can find out how other people all over the world are travelling in a more sustainable way. To improve usability in next updates, Greens’ employs Google Analytics to anonymously collect use statistics.

The initiative

Greens’ is a prototyping and demonstration phase of TETRis, a project of PON Ricerca e Competitività 2007–2013 centred on smart cities and smart objects. TETRis is a multilevel initiative, that deals mostly with emergency operations, environmental defence, sustainable mobility and tools that aim to improve everyday life in urban areas.


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