At the Cagliari Open Data Day two boys hosted by Alkemy Lab for the “alternanza scuola-lavoro”

Alkemy Lab accompanied Roberto Edosini and Andrea Spiga in the analysis and development of a web prototype which makes available the data on the traffic of the City of Cagliari

On Saturday, March 4, two new voices will represent Alkemy Lab at the annual Cagliari Open Data Day, an event now in its fifth edition, which aims to raise awareness of citizens and local authorities on the strategic potential of Open Data.

Roberto Edosini and Andrea Spiga, indeed, will speak. Two students of theITIS “D. Scano” that Alkemy Lab hosted for the project of “alternanza scuola-lavoro” at its headquarters in Cagliari, thanks to the efforts of the professors Monica Cambia and Massimiliano Argiolas. The initiative was launched to provide an educational experience that combines theoretical and practical skills and stimulate passions and aspirations of students.

Some members of the Alkemy Lab team, especially Marco Diana and Marco Piras, followed the two students during the 40 hours of the training/employment stage. They supported them in the analysis, design and development of a web application that makes available, in real time and in intuitive way, the data about the traffic of the city of Cagliari. The data, collected by roadside sensors, were obtained through interrogation of Cagliari Open Data Plus platform that enriches and makes available through API the data of the City of Cagliari. The application created by the students, that displays on a map the georeferenced data, is accessible by users through the learning platform Moodle of the ITIS "Q. Scano ".

During the Cagliari Open Data Day, which this year took the title "Muoviamo i dati", Roberto Edosini and Andrea Spiga will have the opportunity to present the project born from the collaboration with Alkemy Lab, also in the presence of representatives of local authorities. During the event will also speak other students of the same IT address of the ITIS "Q. Scano ", supported for the project of “alternanza scuola-lavoro” by CRS4, and there will be also some students from other school in the area.

To enrich even more the event of Cagliari, there will be the participants of the Hackathon - Open Data Day Cagliari, which will be held Friday, March 3 from 15:00 to 20:00. The competitors will take part to the challenge to find innovative ways to communicate the data provided by the Region of Sardinia and on Saturday, March 4 they will present their projects.


Cagliari Open Data Day
3-4-5 March 2017
Cultural Centre of art, Lazzaretto
Via dei Navigatori, Cagliari
official hashtag: #ODD17 and #ODDCA17