Alkemy Lab in Milan at the CSR and Social Innovation Convention

On 4 and 5 October , Alkemy Lab takes part in the most important Italian event dedicated to the Corporate Social Responsibility, organized at the Bocconi University in Milan.

Milan is preparing to host the 2016 edition of the Corporate Social Responsability and Social Innovation Convention and Alkemy Lab has already prepared many new features to be presented during the event scheduled on 4 and 5 October at the Bocconi University.

Follow the live streaming of the event with the Marathon of CSR and Social Innovation

In the edition of this year Alkemy Lab will participate in the Marathon of CSR and Social Innovation explaining its research of Data Intelligence on social conversations linked to important events and topical issues. The Marathon is the live broadcast conceived by Areté and Terzocanale Show, with the CSR and Social Innovation Convention, which will be attended by actors and guests of the exhibition. The live streaming of the first edition of the Marathon of CSR and Social Innovation will be broadcast during the whole event on Reteconomy Sky, Rai Economia,,, Askanews.

Alkemy Lab will present the main results of its research of Data Intelligence about Extra Media, an area that extends from the mass media to the web and is dominated by the social networks. The research was carried out by the team composed of Alessandra Spada, Carla De Mare, Lorenzo Coscarella, Sara Monni and Giovanna Scarpino and will be illustrated by two initiatives. The first, scheduled for October 4 at 12:35, will be entrusted to the voice of Lorenzo Coscarella; the second, scheduled for October 5 at 14:50, will instead have the voice of Carla De Mare, who will speak during the thirteenth edition of the Premio Aretè, the award given to companies that have used responsible communication in the best way. Alkemy Lab is indeed a member of the Gruppo Media Aretè, which deals with innovative and responsible communication.

Extra Media Data Intelligence studied especially the digital communication on Twitter and YouTube, highlighting the increasing role of these two platforms and of the social channels in general in the dissemination of the information flows.

Studing the Youtube platform content, it’s examined the role of some of the influencers, who contribute to form the way to see and think of the people of the social, highlighting how they exercise their media leadership. The analysis of Twitter conversations focused on one hand on the protagonists of the information world - newspapers and influencer journalists - and on the other it focused the attention on the most current interpretations of issues related to education and job opportunities - such as e-learning, social learning and gamification.

Among hashtag, accounts, videos and comments are thus renewed the world of information.

During the two days of the Convention, Alkemy Lab will have the opportunity to work again with Nuvolaverde and its stream of education, Accademia+, strengthening the partnership already shown in many other joint projects, all in the name of research and innovation. Through the Google Glass of Alkemy Lab, will be the Jedi of Academy + to conduct interviews to find out in real time the impressions of the people; interviews that will be aired in the broadcast Videoglass of the Sky Terzocanale Show program.

Videos and pictures of the event will be shared on the social networks through Lapsody, the glassware realized by Alkemy Lab and designed specifically for the creation of the live Storify of an event in real time.

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Salone della Corporate Social Responsability e dell’Innovazione Sociale

Follow the live streaming of the event: Reteconomy Sky