Alkemy Lab in Milan at the Technology Hub

From April 20 to 22 Alkemy Lab took part in the Technology Hub, the Italian event dedicated to the meeting between professionals, companies and suppliers of new technologies, organized in Fiera Milano City.

Alkemy Lab is present at the Technology Hub, the technology event organized by Senaf, a company with a thirty-years experience in organizing national and international events and fairs, from 20 to 22 April at Fiera Milano City. After the success of the first edition, this year's event aims to support the sharing of innovative products and ideas in technological field, to engage exhibitors and visitors with the aim of create new business opportunities.

The event consists of eight distinct thematic areas that, with their specific character, represent the same structure of the event. It will discuss about drones, virtual reality, collaborative robotics, 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Large emphasis will be also directed to the sectors of the app economy, electronics and IoT. Seminars and specifics workshops will provide insights into the new digital skills, formalized by guidelines of the National Industry Plan 4.0.

Alkemy Lab, involved in the development of research projects in the areas of Mobile, Data Intelligence and Smart Objects, participates together with the Open Innovation Network, the community created to promote digital solutions and applications according to the open innovation philosophy. The Open Innovation Network combines different experiences related to the evolution of digital technologies and ICT. The community brings together, in a dynamic and young environment, high-level competences due to the various contexts of reference.

Fingerlinks, a startup engaged in the creation of software and web platforms, offers fast and efficient IT solutions. Catchy, a startup founded in 2015, has as its objective the analysis of big data and, in the same time, to ensures correct interpretations for the strategic use of informations. The O2e, a company created by an entrepreneurial idea of Francesco Beraldi, is devoted to the promotion of innovative initiatives and to scouting young talents. Finally, Joule 4.0, startup operating in the smart metering sector, guarantees the monitoring, management and optimization of the energy consumption.

Just for the Technology Hub, will be presented to the visitors the IoT solution for the improvement and control of consumption: Scala, the innovative Smart Object, created by the collaboration of Alkemy Lab and Joule 4.0, combining performance of energy-saving and high design features.

Scala represents the synthesis of different end user’s needs: to get real-time information about the different monitored environments, to know the trends of consumption depending by the climatic seasons and to develop virtuous actions in the field of the environmental impact. The measurement, using sensors, allows the programmation even remotely through the platform and the Joule 4.0 application. Through a user-friendly LED system, it is so able to highlight the criticalities in managing household consumption. A true "scale" of color, from white to red, allows the user to understand visually the general trend and the excessive use of resources, to facilitate the solution or the optimization of the values.

Alkemy Lab chosen to participate in the event, in partnership with the various Open Innovation Network’s companies, to provide the best professional solutions. The aims is to ensure to the end user a high quality of products and services, in full harmony with the values of the open source and of the open innovation. The Technology Hub represents a moment of encounter, reflection and opportunities for Alkemy Lab to promote a more integrated development in the digital transformation field.

Technology Hub
20 - 22 April 2017
Milan, Fiera Milano City