Alkemy Lab and Catchy at the event Settimana del Buon Vivere 2016

For the Settimana del Buon Vivere, Alkemy Lab will illustrate in Forlì the results of the Data Intelligence’s study about the terms water and “vivo l’acqua” to which it contributed with the DEEP project

Alkemy Lab will participate to the Settimana del Buon Vivere 2016 with two researches of Data Intelligence conceived by the innovative startup Catchy and to wich Alkemy Lab collaborated within the DEEP project. Created in 2009 by Monica Fantini, the “Settimana del Buon Vivere” is the long-awaited appointment that every year in Emilia Romagna is devoted to the good practices. The 2016 ediction will be held from september the 24 to october the 1.

The first speech made by Catchy and Alkemy Lab, throughout Guido Caldarelli and Carla De Mare’s voices, will take place during the event dedicated to the Company Romagna Acque in the opening day of the Festival.
On the occasion of the fiftieth birthday of Romagna Acque, the company will be the protagonist of the event Esperienze Goccia a Goccia, dealing with one of the Millennium Goals that the UN member States have pledged to reach for 2030: limiting the waste and the amount of population that does not have access to drinking water.
The Data Intelligence’s study focused on the most important good of which Romagna Acque is a source: water. Catchy and Alkemy Lab focused their magnifying glass to data and information collected from social networks about water in the different meanings of the term.

Alkemy Lab and Catchy will have a second speech during the Instagram Academy, scheduled for September the 27. Sara Monni will illustrate the second research of Data Intelligence devoted to the “Settimana del Buon Vivere” by Alkemy Lab and Catchy.
Among the themes analyzed by the study, it is included also the impact of the Festival - with its most important hashtags - to the conversaions on the social networks and the contest launched by Igersitalia. This is the name of the Instagram community in Italy, which invited people to post their videos and photos with the hashtag #vivolacqua e #buonvivere.

Some more information

Settimana del Buon Vivere 2016

Esperienze Goccia a Goccia
24/09/2016, at 11:00
San Giacomo Church in Forlì

Instagram Academy
27/09/2016, at 14:30
San Giacomo Church in Forlì