Alkemy Lab and art: the analysis on the initiative #domenicalmuseo

#domenicalmuseo is the initiative of the MiBACT that provides free opening of the State museums every first Sunday of the month. Alkemy Lab carried out a Data Intelligence research on social network’s discussions and event

Open state museums for free in the first Sunday of every month has proved to be a successful initiative, but how is the topic discussed on social networks? And what do the data say about the participation in past editions?

About that Alkemy Lab, in collaboration with Catchy and journalist Gianni Riotta, carried out a Data Intelligence research, illustrated in the article "Gli italiani e l’arte: #domenicalmuseo tra cultura e social" published on the information portal.

Many State museums and archaeological sites of all over the country joined the event on Sunday, July the 2. Many visitors who took advantage of it, then shared on their own social channels images and comments about the initiative and the places visited, using the official #domenicalmuseo hashtag.

From the analysis of the conversation occurred on Twitter throughout the day, it emerges that the MAXXI of Rome was the most mentioned place, while the cities most present on the social were Rome, Taranto and Messina.

Instagram, with its ability to spread images and videos, was among the favorite social networks. In the posts related to the #domenicalmuseo initiative published over the last year, the most popular cities among the Igers are Rome, Milan, Trapani and Naples, and Sicily is the most mentioned region.

The National Gallery of Rome and the Ex Stabilimento Florio of Favignana were the most popular cultural sites in user posts.

Widespread also the hashtag #mibact, concerning the subject that promoted the initiative, the Ministry of cultural heritage activities and tourism.

The same social channels of the Ministry, in particular the Twitter account and the official Facebook page, were also analyzed during the research activity.

Over the last year the MiBACT published, with constant cadence on both social networks, posts and images to promote the places of culture under its management, protection and enhancement. On Twitter, in particular, events such as the Culture G7 of the last April, cinema2day and the same domenicalmuseo, were very publicized.

The data on visitor attendance on Sundays in 2016 confirmed the popularity of the initiative.

Last year was April the month with the highest percentage of attendance, and in general throughout the year there were more than three million visitors in State museums and archaeological sites.