Alkemy Lab and Rio2016: a path through tweets and medals

Among infographics, social data and interactive charts, Catchy and Alkemy Lab carried out an innovative analysis and narration work about the Rio2016 Games

It has concluded the focus realized by Alkemy Lab and Catchy on the Olympics in Rio 2016. A path pursued in the DEEP project throughout the duration of the Olympic Games, with insights that focused attention mainly on traditionally less treated aspects. What can you learn from the big data about the 2016 Olympics? What emerges from social conversations?

Infographics, maps, interactive graphics have thus allowed to highlight aspects and curiosities around the competitions which were held from August 5 to 21 and which attracted the attention of the world.

With the valuable support of the journalist Gianni Riotta, the journalists and data analysts of Catchy and Alkemy Lab explored the amount of data concerning the most followed games of the planet, helped in some phases by the companies Kode Solutions and DtoK Lab.

The result of the work has been published on the website and also got the attention of the national daily La Stampa.

On was indeed published by Gianni Riotta the first article of the series: I numeri delle Olimpiadi e gli umori sui social network. The article, resorting to infographics, shows the numbers of the 2016 edition, the historical medals of Italy and, above all, an analysis of users’ conversations on Twitter about Olympics. From the analysis it was possible to know what were the most discussed sports and the most used hashtags on the social network.

The analysis of what is happening in the world of social networks is certainly one of the strengths of the work done by the team. An innovative approach that combines traditional journalism and virtual places that are more and more ground for the dissemination of information and news.

Even in La Stampa Gianni Riotta published "Dal Maracanà al podio: le medaglie storiche e le speranze di Rio 2016" with the data processing and graphics edited by Catchy, in collaboration with Alkemy Lab and Kode Solutions. The article provides an overview of the nations who won more medals. Through the use of interactive graphics, furthermore, it allows to navigate through the medals won by the countries in the various Olympic Games and to explore the map of the places of all the editions of the Games.

The article "Le Olimpiadi come specchio della società", published on the website of Gianni Riotta, presents the Italian athletes team convened in the various sports. In it are shown the relationship between men and women in our delegation, and the growth of the presence of female athletes during the various editions of the modern Olympics. The relationship between men and women is also the subject of the interactive graph that analyzes the trend of the times established in four disciplines of athletics during the Games. Through the chart, you can see various medals and know the times, names and origins of the winners.

Timing and athletes have also been at the center of the deepening "Un secondo lungo un secolo", with a infographic showing the progression of the record in the 100 meters discipline.

Also there have been some historical insights on the curiosity of the past Games. The first study was focused on the 1896 Games, le prime Olimpiadi della storia moderna, who have revived a myth still alive thanks to the personality of the Baron De Coubertin. The attention then focused on a crucial period with the article “1936: le Olimpiadi negli anni dei totalitarismi”, to tell the story of the Games edition held in the Nazi Germany. The edition from which it was started using the well known Olympic torch. The Olympics of 1972 also were the subject of article "Monaco ‘72: le Olimpiadi sporche di sangue", which tells of the tragic events that afflicted that edition and who have been remembered with a commemoration during the Rio2016 Games.

Medals and social data were finally the protagonists of the final article "Rio2016: l’Italia e il bottino di 28 medaglie". The 28 medals won during this year, highlighted with a special infographic, went to join the already rich Italian medal collection.

A medal collection that can be explored through the interactive chart, from the Paris Games of 1900 to the last edition of Rio2016, for all disciplines. To conclude the study carried out by the team, a last look is dedicated to the moods of the people of Twitter, with a focus on the most watched sports and on the countries of origin of the users who have attended the competitions.

Many aspects, therefore, have crossed and completed the work, putting together several sources, different techniques and various skills to provide an innovative look on the game that for thousands of years has entered into the myth.