Alkemy Lab meets Mantua

The city is the center of some ideas being currently developed in the Smart Culture project: a Glassware; an app for smartphones and smartwatch; a data analysis and visualization platform for an innovative promotion of the territory.

The old town center is a little jewel. Tourists can easily visit various points of interest of the city, moving from a monument to a church, from a square to a palace, crossing streets, colonnades and little squares.

Many attractions bear the signature of the Gonzagas, the family that ruled Mantua for about four centuries: at the begining just lords, then marquises, lastly dukes.

Gonzaga influenced significantly the artistic and architectural heritage that marks the territory. They commissioned palaces, reconstructions of churches and execution of paintings that represent a real treasure without equal.

Can new technologies play a role in the enhancement of these beauties? The answer is obvious: they can! Moreover, the modalities and the specific technologies to apply are not very easy to identify.

Alkemy Lab has "met" Mantua during Smart Culture, the research project that is part of the POR 2007-2013 of Regione Lombardia, whose Axis 1 is focused on research in the fields of innovation and knowledge economy.

Mantua is the territory where the researches of Smart Culture are experimented. Alkemy Lab offers to the territory of Mantua the innovative skills developed in different context and now applied in culture and tourism.

The project Explore Mantova includes several ideas: a Glassware, an app for smartphones and smartwatch and a platform that gives information on the cultural social conversations about Mantua.

The glassware aims to allow a virtual tour of the main monuments of the old Mantua, through Google Glass, one of the last examples of wearable technology.

The app will always keep you informed about events in the territory of Mantua, through a simple and intuitive navigation on your smartphone or smartwatch.

Another prototype is Social Sense: an experimental platform that hosts interactive, configurable and navigable charts. These charts show new information about the conversations that took place on social networks about the cultural heritage of Mantua. A particular focus is on one of the main cultural events of Mantua: the Festival della Letteratura.

For now, we reveal nothing else...