Alkemy Lab for #XPayHackathon by CartaSi, in collaboration with Talent Garden

Alkemy Lab participates as a mentor in the hackathon dedicated to eCommerce and online payments

Event Update (June 19, 2017)

They were two intense days, those that, in Milan, saw numerous teams of developers, marketing specialists and UX Designer specialists involved in the XPay Hackathon: the first Italian hackathon dedicated to the eCommerce world.

Alkemy Lab, which in the eCommerce industry has developed a remarkable experience, took part in the event through Valentina Usai, who has played the role of mentor following the various teams in the race.

The IT and creative marathon of 17 and 18 June was at the center of several posts also on social networks, especially on Twitter. The tweets on the #XPayHackathon in the days of the event touched assorted topics related to the central theme of the event, with references to the same event, to the organizers, and to the projects under construction.

The high spread of the terms "Cartasì" and "talentgardenit" demonstrate the popularity gained by the organizers of the event. Very present even the word "ecommerce", which along with "platform", "payments" and "develop" gives the idea of the discussions about the participants' activities in the race. Many posts, moreover, contained the specific terms of the event as "challenge", "team", "hackathon".

The challengers are committed in the creation of platforms that contribute to bring traders and customers closer to innovative technologies. The top three classified projects were XPay Assistant, XCity and XParent, then with their ideas conquered the jury winning the available prizes.

Anticipations on the event (June 15, 2017)

From June 17 to 18 in Milan, at the “Edit” event space, it will take place the XPayHackathon: a two-day marathon dedicated to the development of innovative ideas related to eCommerce. Participants will be able to use XPay, the new CartaSi online payment management service, designed to support business activities in the management of their online business.

Alkemy Lab participates as a mentor, thanks to Valentina Usai's expertise and experiences on eCommerce, to support event participants. XPay is a gateway payment system, open to the International Circuits for Credit Cards and Multichannel Debt, with security systems Verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode and CV2, multilingual and multicurrency. The back-office management of the platform also offers the possibility to access the portal in server-to-server mode.

The electronic payment market in Italy, in the last few years, has seen a significant increase in volume of trade and expense. In fact, according to the estimates of Visa Italia, growth has been steady. + 14-15% over the last 12 months of 2016.

A greater awareness by consumers, in relation to the security offered by brokerage institutions, guarantees a stimulus to innovation and digitization of the economy. The level of maturity of the market and the possible evolutions compared to small and medium entrepreneurship, arouse the attention of the media and of the professionals.

On social networks the most used hashtags regarding the eCommerce theme reflect the areas most affected by the new payment methods. The research on social conversations, performed by Alkemy Lab, identified the most used on Twitter in this regard.

The hashtag linked to search engine optimization (abbreviated #seo) appears to be the most used in discussions on Twitter. The implementation of online payment systems within websites it requires, in fact, the adaptation of the offered contents: the goal is to promote visibility into organic search engine results, and it is necessary to create engagement in demand growth.

The use of digital payment instruments in business transactions, #b2b, represents another topic of discussion on the popular social network.

The eCommerce industry, according to data from the Politecnico di Milano, has reached 310 billion euros in 2016. A significant value, but still marginal compared to the total volume of b2b exchanges amounting to 2.200 billion euro.

The # innovation, finally, is the theme behind the eCommerce and #XPayHackathon of CartaSi.

"We believe that in e-commerce there is still space for creativity and for the development of innovative projects which can encourage merchants to propose their products and services”, said Enrico Trovati, Merchant Services Director of ICBPI / CartaSi.

#XPayHackathon promises to bring together students, professionals and startup experts in software development, design of interfaces, communication and branding, ad in marketing, with the aim of reaching creative ideas and solutions that can evolve against new market trends.

Among the community partners Startup Grind Milano, Service Design Drinks, iBicocca, Prestashop, Django Girls, Girl Geek Life, Fintech Meetup, Challengerocket.

From 17 to 18 June 2017
Milan, EditMilan Via Pietro Maroncelli, 14, 20154

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