Alkemy Lab presents the Social Complex Analysis to the CRE

During the "Dialoghi del Club Relazioni Esterne" on 29 October, Alkemy Lab presented the results of the analysis conducted on the social conversations about Expo

On 29 October, the Parco dei Principi in Rome hosted "I Dialoghi del Club relazioni Esterne" (Dialogues of the Club of External Relations), an appointment that the CRE (Club of External Relations) dedicated to the Big Data and their existing and potential use in communication and even beyond.

Academics and exponents of the corporate world shared their knowledge and experiences related to creation and use of Big Data. The president of the CRE, Stefania Salustri, opened the evening and introduced the following speeches of Alberto San Giovanni-Vincentelli, (Professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of California at Berkeley), and Maurizio Mensi (Professor of Information and Communication law at LUISS University in Rome). Maria Pia Caruso, Vice President of the CRE and Manager of Agcom, closed the session dedicated to the individual interventions and opened the debate between the guests on Big Data and communication.

Alkemy Lab took part to the event: Alessandra Spada, head of the Lab, exposed some of the main results of the Social Complex Analysis about Expo.

It is the analysis of social conversations about Expo 2015 and was carried out through the use of techniques of network analysis, deriving from the theory of complex systems. Its goal is to bring out the characteristics and the subjects of the networks and to show this new information through the best graphics modes, offered by the platform Social Sense.

Some of the results of the Expo Social Complex Analysis

Expo 2015 Milano is the official Expo account and dominated the conversations on Facebook about Expo. The accounts that published in a single day more than anyone else were the ones of Colombian pavilion and of Kenyan pavilion. These peaks of activity coincided with important days for the pavilions: the Colombian account posted a lot on 20 July, which was the Colombian National Day; the account of the Kenyan pavilion published a lot on 11 September, the Kenyan Cultural Day. The latter was the final event of the week dedicated to Kenya in Expo and was also attended by the President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta. He was one of the 60 heads of state and governant who have visited Expo in their official capacity.

The Instagram account of Giuseppe Sala was very popular. Its peak of popularity was on 16 July, when Giuseppe Sala launched a social contest: who had given the most original answer to the question "Why would you want to visit Expo?", would have won an Expo tour with the Commissioner as guide. The winners were a mother of Como, who replied "To prove to my child that Beppe Sala really exists", and a mother of Treviso, who answered "Why I am the missing pavilion...I have been breastfeeding my son for 10 months". The winners took their tour in September.

The connections between the hashtags used in Twitter conversations reveal that the hashtag most used is #Expo2015. It is connected to other hashtags that refer not only to the pavilions, but also to some events (such as #elisaliveadexpo and #thekolorsliveadexpo) and guests (such as #Mattarella and #Bono). The shows of The Kolors and Elisa were held at the Open Air Theatre San Carlo on 11 and 13 September, respectively. This theatre is the large space of Expo dedicated to outdoor events, such as concerts, theater performances and official ceremonies.

On 11 September, in fact, the hashtag #thekolorsliveadexpo is very central in Twitter conversations related to Expo 2015.

The visit of the President Mattarella was on 5 June; in the graph of this day, #Mattarella is very central in Twitter conversations.