Alkemy Lab supports the Global AI Hackathon

Rome hosts one of the stages of the international challenge dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and Alkemy Lab is among the sponsors of the initiative.

Fifteen cities in the world. Fifteen places that, at the same time from June 23 to 25, will be the benchmarks for the Global AI Hackathon, the International Hackathon dedicated to Artificial Intelligence.

Alkemy Lab will be one of the protagonists of the only Italian stage of the event, organized in Rome. Here, at the Talent Garden Poste Italiane, ople with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data skills will challenge to give life to an idea, starting from the three chosen challenges, which are:

  • How AI will change the way we work, To find new ways of accessing data;
  • Make News Real Again!, Dedicated to models to make fake news recognizable;
  • Emotional AI, for the automatic recognition of voice or facial expressions.

Always committed to supporting initiatives leading to technology and innovation, Alkemy Lab will be among the sponsors of this event organized in Italy by, Logica Informatica Srl, Fingerlinks Srl and Catchy Srl.

Other supporters are partners with which Alkemy Lab shares the focus for new technologies such as Talent Garden, IBM, Checkout Technologies, Redbull, Nastro Azzurro, Joule 4.0 and Subcom.

The event is designed not only for developers and coders but for anyone who wants to deepen the theme of Artificial Intelligence, both experienced and passionate. Everyone can contribute to the realization of an idea by making available their skills!

These are issues that raise more and more attention, not only of experts in the field but an increasing audience. On Twitter, for example, there are many conversations linked to one of the central themes of the initiative: machine learning.

The most used hashtags in relation to the term "machinelearning" in Italian tweets between 11 and 19 June 2017

In Italian tweets posted between 11 and 19 June, the term "machinelearning" is increasingly related to other issues at the center of the event, as evidenced by the presence of the hashtags #ai, #artificialintelligence, #augmentedreality and #bigdata.

Participants will have 48 hours to develop their own project and then present it to the jury. The jury will choose a winner for each of the three themes of the event, which will win a prize of 2000 euros each awarded by the sponsors. Additional special awards will be added to these for the best teams.

Alkemy Lab gives its good luck to all the participants and ... may the best win!

More information:

Global AI Hackathon Roma
June 23-25, 2017Talent Garden Poste Italiane, Via Giuseppe Andreoli 9, Rome

Eventbrite: Global Al Hackathon - Rome