Alkemy Lab opens the doors of Augmented Reality to the students of Monza

The Corriere Innovazione talks about our new initiatives with Accademia+ in order to open the world of augmented reality to the young students of Monza.

Augmented reality in the classroom! This is the new challenge that Accademia+, the education stream of NuvolaVerde, has proposed to many companies representing the national excellence in the field of augmented reality. Alkemy Lab is one of these partners and is happy to continue the path, started a few months ago, to open the doors of augmented reality to young people.
We quote a first report of this adventure, contained in the article published today by the Corriere Innovazione, a section of the Corriere della Sera dedicated to new technologies and to the latest innovations in the ICT field.

Courses of Augmented Reality in Monza

The use of Google Glass, the discovery of the Oculus and the immersive virtual vision, up to 3D printers. The students of the Art School of Monza experience the Augmented Reality in Villa Reale.

by Roldano Radaelli

Lessons with technicians and digital manager at the Art School of Monza, in the Villa Reale, the birthplace of the Italian design. In June there will be the Augmented Reality Week, with the biggest international names in the field. For the first time, Augmented Reality becomes a curricular subject in an Italian school. In these weeks, ICT specialists and managers of leading companies in the digital world are giving lessons to two classes of the Art School "Nanni Valentini" of Monza.

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