Alkemy partner of Grappa Nonino

The Nonino family chose Alkemy as a partner to care for website, social networks and eCommerce

The tradition of Grappa Nonino meets the digital transformation of the Alkemy group. The digital enabler, indeed, was chosen as a partner by the Nonino family to provide its contribution to take care about website, e-commerce platform and social channels. Alkemy Tech members provided their support to the Lab's research activities for project implementation, such as Valentina Usai Grappa Nonino eCommerce Project Manager.

The collaboration between Grappa Nonino and Alkemy has also been described in the article Grappa Nonino affida ad Alkemy sito, social ed e-Commerce, published on Engage and the text of which is given below.

The commission, entrusted directly to the company, sees the agency committed to enhancing the history of distillates and, above all, of the Grappa Nonino on digital channels.

The Grappa Nonino has chosen Alkemy as a partner for website, social and e-commerce.

"For decades the grappa has been little more than a pocket-sized heating for farmers in the Northern Italy. The more “in” Italians and many of foreigners disliked it. But all this happened before the Nonino di Percoto came to the fore”. These words appeared on the New York Times to celebrate a new era of the Grappa, sanctioning the passage from Cinderella to Acquavite nobile

And this is the story, and with it its distillates, that the Nonino family entrusted to Alkemy, Italian digital_enabler, to make it live on digital channels. A history and a method (the creation of the Grappa of a single vine, the Monovitigno Nonino, obtained by distilling separately the grapes of Picolit grape) which became famous all over the world, beginning in 1897 in Percoto, in the province of Udine. A history and a method that hand over generation by generations, from father to daughters, the commitment of the Nonino family to the exasperated research for quality, innovation and production of the world's best Grappa, in respect of the territory and its culture.

This is an immersive journey that begins with the new site, where it’s possible to start from the pictures, taken one by one to set each product in its place of birth. Then go between sensations and culinary combinations until to reach the Nonino Method, with a video that interactively recalls all the production phases, essential to obtain an absolute quality distillate. Finally, the visitor is accompanied by the temple of the distillation, a world of passion, scents and flavors, in which - just like in Percoto of Udine - the experience is not complete unless the taste: in fact, at any time, Nonino products can be purchased through Alkemy's e-commerce.

"The challenge - said Matteo Menin, Alkemy VP Communication along with Federico Ghiso and Giorgio Cignoni, executive creative directors - was creating an ecosystem that could lead people through a seamless digital path. A story solid in the structure and seamless by definition, through which all digital channels converge towards the physical: at the bottle of Grappa Nonino. From Percoto the bottle comes in its own hands thanks to the e-commerce, integrated in any point of the experience. The result is an integrated property that allows even the most experienced consumer to have the full range of Nonino Grapples available, including premium products or special formats that can not be found on the traditional channel”.

The website was recognized as the Best Site of the Day by CSS Winner, Site of the Day by Css Awards, Winner of the Day by CSS Reel and mentioned at the French Design Index Awards, international competitions that reward the excellence in digital field.

The whole project is a result of the work of the communications team, who, with the guidance of Nicola Gotti (creative director), has involved in the front line Mattia Rinaudo (designer), Michela Noè (Head of Strategy), Francesca Mc Closkey (Social Media Account), Gianmarco Simone (Creative Developer), Nazzareno Squadron (Front-end developer) and Alessandro Ciofini (Back-end developer). All coordinated by Pierluigi Roselli (Head of Operations) and, for the eCommerce team, Andrea Druso Bianchi (shop-manager) and Valentina Usai (PM eCommerce).