At Unical discussing about Blockchain, with Francesco Beraldi

On Thursday, March 23 the intervention of the President of Alkemy Tech in the workshop “Scienze e Tecnica delle Blockchain per la Digital Sharing Economy”

Update of 03/24/2017

It was held at the University of Calabria the conference, "Scienze e Tecnica delle Blockchain per la Digital Sharing Economy", the event dedicated to investigate one of the topics that interest jointly the information technology and economic worlds.

Deal with Blockchain technology, in fact, it requires a multidisciplinary approach, involving professionals from different backgrounds in view of the important implications in many areas. The conference was attended, as well, by representatives from the academic world, but also from the business sector, as well as by experts in various disciplines, from law to physics, from computer science to finance.

The speech of Francesco Beraldi during the roundtable included some considerations on the use of the Blockchain technologies starting with a question: "will the use of Blockchain bring social benefit?"

When the Internet started to spread, says the president of Alkemy Tech, the expectations were so many and some have been disappointed. As always, therefore, the technology destroys something and create something else. What will happen with the diffusion of the Blockchain technology? Certainly the impact within the entrepreneurial world will be strong: "all companies will have to deal with the Blockchain - says Beraldi - it is important to face them as raw material for acquiring skills".

Also noteworthy is the Ucal project, which is taking shape within the University of Calabria and which has been discussed during the event. The Ucal, a contraction for Unicalcoin, is a complementary currency system based on the Blockchain Ethereum, developed by the research group of the Faculty of Economics and of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department. The Ucal complementary currency is used to "reward" special cultural activities within the University, and during the conference two young thesis students received a premium paid in Ucal. A Ucal-banknote was also distributed to all the participants to spend on the lunch prepared for the occasion.

The Blockchain technologies are therefore starting to become more and more pervasive. It is not easy to define their future implications, but it is certain that they will be receive more attention and significant investment.

Publication of 21/03/2017

South and innovation continue to find a significant meeting point in the Università della Calabria, an academic institution that has built a leading role in the innovation field at national level.

On Thursday, March 23, the UniCal will host the conference: "Scienze e Tecnica delle Blockchain per la Digital Sharing Economy" an event dedicated to the technology that supports electronic money, payment systems, secure identity, and control of processes. The event will be attended by Francesco Beraldi, President of Alkemy Tech, O2e and Seolab, board member of Alkemy SpA, Talent Garden and partner Superpartes.

Blockchain then, is the emerging technology that, among other uses, is the basis for the transactions that take place through the use of the Bitcoin, the virtual currency that is spreading in the digital world by creating very intense transaction networks.

The issue is not insignificant given the implications in the field of economy and in that of security, with growing investments for companies that work in the sector.

The UniCal workshop is organized by theICTSud, CERVED Group and Blockchain Governance, and will be divided into two parts.

In the morning, after the greetings of the Rector Gino Mirocle Crisci and of the Representative for Research and Technology Transfer of the UniCal, Giuseppe Passarino, and after the presentation of the workshop by Gianfranco D'Atri, professor of Economic and Financial Computer Science, it will start with the relations.

The relations will cover issues such as "Data and technology: the economy of algorithms", "Digital currency for post-crisis economics" and "UCAL token and complementary currencies". At the end of the morning, the prizes awarded in Ucal, the crypto-currency created by the research group of the Faculty of Economics and the Department of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Calabria.

In the afternoon will be held the discussion on the topic "Paradigms of the Blockchain for Digital Sharing Economy", coordinated by the President of the ICT-Sud Domenico Saccà. Francesco Beraldi will speak with the representatives of Poste Italiane, di OKT, DLA Piper, ADS, and of the Universities of Calabria, Catanzaro and Reggio Calabria.

The appointment is therefore at the Aula Magna of the UniCal, at 9.30 am, in the Sala A of the Congress Center.


Scienze e Tecnica delle Blockchain per la Digital Sharing Economy