Aquilani Digitali

The Aquilani Digitali project (Digital abitant of the city of L'Aquila) was born from the idea of repopulating the city (hit by the earthquake in 2006) inviting men and women, boys and girls, personalities to take part at the rebuilding of the city by establishing their virtual residence at L'Aquila.

The aim is creating a movement of symbolic participation from Italy and from abroad: the Digital Aquilani make their own image available for the city of L'Aquila to help the real inhabitants to return to their homes.

We invite celebrities and key players of social, cultural, sporting life, but also men, women and young students to become Digital Aquilani to settle their residence in a virtual street , house number, apartment of the city.

The Digital Aquilani become a movement of international opinion for the rebirth of L'Aquila, which will be a continuous stimulus to the city's mayor, the president of the province, the region, the competent ministers , opinion leaders and journalists. This extraordinary city should not be forgotten (as done in the past). This project makes easy giving aid and support to change the future of L'Aquila.

The hope is also that the international network can express ideas and resources that can live concrete signs on the city.


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