Beach Data Festival: playing with data to undestand reality

An evening to learn how to play with Big Data and to use them for the interpretation of reality

Big Data are the digital footsteps that talk about our paths and our choices: how can they help us to adopt new strategies and identify new resources in order to give answers to hard questions? (Who will win the election this year? What is the best strategy to save a penalty? Where will the tourists go the next summer?).

In which ways the large ammount of data producted every day by smartphones and social networks can help us to better understand the reality?

These are the questions to which the partecipants in the Beach Data Festival answered. They talked about the manner in which each one, according his field of interest, has used big data to follow new paths and give innovative solutions in politics, sport and tourism.

The evening was composed in three main sessions:

  • La politica sull'onda dei Big Data (Politics on the wave of Big Data), by journalists Gianni Riotta and Daniele Bellasio;
  • Sports Analytics and money ball style - evolution and use of BigData in sport by Paolo Ranieri, CEO and Co Founder of the startup Myagonism;
  • "I turisti non lasciano solo orme sulla sabbia: tracce digitali e loro utilizzo" (Tourists doesn’t leave only footsteps on the sand: digital traces and their use), by Rodolfo Baggio (expert researcher on complex tourist systems) and by Mirko Lalli (professor and expert in communication and marketing).

The master of ceremonies was also one of the promoters of the evening: Alessandro Chessa, assistant professor of Statistical Physics at IMT Lucca and CEO of Linkalab.

Alkemy Lab was one of the promoter of the event and showed how the Internet of Things and wearable technologies offer new ways to recount and to manage flows of information. During the Festival, the team Alkemy Lab did a live-twitting, composed in photos and videos of the evening. The live-twitting was on the social pages (Facebook and Twitter) of Lapsody, the app for Google Glass, born to create a social direction and to share an event with the web public from the point of view of the main characters of the event.

A social contest was linked to the Beach Data Festival: the Twitter contest "I BigData in 140 caratteri (Big data in 140 characters)”, through which the organizers invited the members of the public - of the festival and on the web - to give their own original definition of Big Data.

The winner was Vincenzo De Leo, who wrote the tweet “Cascate impetuose di dati, connessioni nascoste tra fiumi di informazioni e bacini segreti portatori di nuovi saperi #beachdata2015 #bigdata (Impetuos waterfalls of data, hidden connections between rivers of informations and secret basins bearers of new knowledge #beachdata2015 #bigdata"). The winner was awarded an artwork of Tonio Spada (, an artist of Cagliari.

The Festival took place at the THotel and it is one the events scheduled for the tenth birthday of the structure.

The evening was conducted in collaboration with Catchy, a sturtup that specializes in education, divulgation and consultancy about Big Data and Data Driven Journalism.


Visit the website of the event:

30 settembre
THotel, Via dei Giudicati, Cagliari
h 19:00