Big Data and legality: Alkemy Lab in Vibo for the Marathon of the Chamber of Commerce

Alkemy Lab, with the participation of Alessandra Spada, took part in the initiative organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Vibo Valentia

The commitment of the Calabrian Chambers of Commerce to promote the culture of legality continues. A commitment that Alkemy Lab shared too since when there was the implementation of the INSIDER System. After the Crotone event last September 13, during which the president Francesco Beraldi brought his experience as an entrepreneur, on 27 and 28 October it was the turn of Vibo Valentia, where the Chamber of Commerce organized an event in two days dedicated to the importance of legality as an essential instrument for the growth and the enhancement of the territory. An instrument that has to be implemented concretely to pass "by preaching to practice", as emphasized several times during the speeches.

The event was hosted in the beautiful architectural complex of the Valentianum, prestigious seat of the Chamber of Commerce which, as pointed out by the Segretario Generale f.f. Dr. Donatella Romeo, was recently included among the museums of the Polo Museale Regionale for the contemporary art collections open to the public.

In the event of October 28, Alkemy Lab was represented by Alessandra Spada, who spoke in the day dedicated to Big Data, business registering and monitoring of the local economy for the prevention of organized crime.

Alessandra Spada explained to the present the result of the research of Data Intelligence conducted on issues concerning legality and crime in the business world, with a special focus on the territories involved in the event, therefore the provinces of Crotone and Vibo Valentia.

The research, carried out by the team composed of Alessandra Spada, Lorenzo Coscarella, Carla De Mare, Carlo Turri, Nicola Piras and Alice Andreuzzi, took place in two phases. The first part, realized for the event #Restartsud held in Crotone the 13th September 2016, examined the Twitter conversations in the time interval from 22 August to 7 September 2016.

The second part of the research, conducted for the Vibo event of October 28, examined instead the time range from 30 September to 16 October 2016.

The results of the two tranches of the research are closely linked to current events and to the most discussed topics in the examined days.

On the issue of legality, for example, the focus of discussions has passed from the Rome municipal situation - with the hashtag #Roma, # M5S, #Raggi - to some initiatives in support of ethical and sustainable behavior - with the hashtag #sacchetico, # flcgu16 and #unsaccogiusto.

On the issues of Fraud, Recycling and False Statements, instead, the discussion has gone from the affair that involved the local football world - with the hashtag #modesto, #cosenza, #ndrangheta - to the national theme of the coming constitutional referendum - with #iovotono, #referendum, #bastaunsi.

Considering the territory, in the first monitored period the discussion related to Calabria and crime focused on the operation #Laqueo, which has dissolved usury activities run by the 'Ndrangheta. In the second period, however, crime and Calabria were discussed in relation to the confirmation of the dissolution of the municipality of Badolato, in the province of Catanzaro by the Regional Administrative Court of Calabria.

Even the conversations on the topic related to the city of Crotone, in the first period under review, focused on the investigation upon the usury business, which also involved a player of the Crotone football team. In the second period, instead, the discussions put at the center of the debate two initiatives dedicated to the legality: the Legality Day organized by the Association "Basta Vittime sulla SS 106" and the memory of #domenicogabriele, innocent victim of the 'Ndrangheta, in the day of his birthday the 17th of October.

The city of Vibo Valentia is present in the monitored conversations between August and September for "Limen Bottega Aperta", the initiative of the local Chamber of Commerce. The conversations from 30 September to 16 October spoke about Vibo Valentia and # legality especially in relation to the awareness-raising initiatives addressed to school students.


Event page on the website of the Chamber of Commerce of Vibo Valentia