MyClimagest allows you to control the energy consumptions of the heating system in your home, to monitor wich rooms use more resources, and to check immediately any waste due to a malfunction.

The system works through sensors connected to the heating system. Those sensors store data about energy consumption and make them available for all block. The oweners or the administraters can use data to optimized the expenses and, at as individual consumers, to optimized use of resources. Over 2000 families in Italy are already using the Climagest system, starting to manage their heating system with security, savings and peace of mind.

With the MyClimagest system you can:

- To Know the monthly consumption of your apartment;
-Compar your monthly consumption to the average consumption of your building;
-Check the detail of consumption of the areas from which your apartment is composed;
-View the history of your consumption;
-You know at a glance if your consumption is normal or if there are significant changes.

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