How does the web vote? La Stampa published the analysis provided by Alkemy Lab

The collaboration between Alkemy Lab and La Stampa continues with a data journalism study that offers a new point of view for the municipal elections of Roma, Milano, Napoli and Torino

While Roma, Milano, Napoli and Torino municipal elections are coming, the teams of Catchy and Alkemy Lab, working on the DEEP project,decided to observe the people of the web in order to provide an usefull and unusual starting point for political analysts and commentators. The data driven journalism experiment has found its place in La Stampa. The storytelling signed by Gianni Riotta offered an original point of view on one of the most debated subject in the Italian political universe: the polls of June 5. The result of the study has been published in the newspaper La Stampa with the title Per chi vota il web? Le elezioni social di Roma, Milano, Napoli e Torino.The analysis has involved thousands of tweets, collected from May 1 to May 16 2016, in order to identify the most mentioned candidates, the most debated themes by citizens and the candidates’ strong points for the campaign. A depth study that offered to the readers some original infographics developed and designed by the teams of Alkemy Lab and Catchy.

How better predict people intentions to vote than let them express their ideas voluntarily on social networks, where the most they feel at home? At first, the journalists and data scientists have analysed which candidates were the most named in the municipal election of each city. In Milano the candidates more appointed with hashtags were Beppe Sala and Stefano Parisi; in Roma Fassina reached a good position. He made people talk about him since he was at first removed from election and then rehabilitated at the last minute.

Moreover, the focus of the analysis was on the candidates’ accounts: the idea was to consider their activity on Twitter and the subjects they supported. In Roma, Virginia Raggi talked about mobility with the hastag #mobilità5stelle, meanwhile in Torino there was a meeting about education (#scuola) at the Agnelli foundation with all the candidates of the city. Among the topics debated in Milan there was #expo for the direct link with the Expo’s former manager Beppe Sala. The study privided by Catchy, Alkemy Lab and Gianni Riotta represents an experience of data driven journalism which offers a socio-political analysis from a point of view that is not so common in Italian newspapers.