Continues the Alkemy Lab’s experience on Reteconomy

The column “Social Sense, il pensiero dei leader” by Alkemy Lab, still a hosted by the TV program House of Leaders

Update of 15/12/2016

The fourth episode of House of Leaders went on air last night on Reteconomy Sky and, within it, found his usual space "Social Sense, il Pensiero dei Leader", the section edited by Alkemy Lab.

View the fourth episode, on air on Wednesday, December 14!
The Alkemy Lab’s section "Social Sense, il Pensiero dei Leader" begins at minute 19:00.

The episode aired yesterday at 22:30 was realized in the frame of Italian Galleries and collects the most significant moments of the event Board of Leaders. The protagonist of the section was Alessandra Spada, Alkemy’s CTO and head of Alkemy Lab, who discussed about Post-truth: the word of 2016. A current topic, a phenomenon with an increasing weight in the leadership dynamics and in the actions of the world’s leaders.

Publication of 12.14.2016

New appointment with House of Leaders, the Sky Reteconomy program on Wednesday evening that hosts the Alkemy Lab’s section "Social Sense, il Pensiero dei Leader".

The TV program, of which the episodes of 23 November and 1 December were transmitted, came to its third broadcasting last Wednesday. Within it, the Alkemy Lab’s section hosted Alessandro Rimassa, director of TAG Innovation School, who spoke of the characteristics that a true leader must have and commented on the results of our research about leaders’ social communication and on leadership topics.

Watch the third episode, broadcasted on Wednesday, December 7!
The Alkemy Lab’s section "Social Sense, il Pensiero dei Leader" begins at minute 11:30.

The next episode will be aired tonight at 22:30 on Sky Reteconomy channel and live on streaming. This episode will be a special event: the registration has taken place, indeed, yesterday during the event Board of Leaders in the Gallerie d’Italia of Milan.

At the afternoon event were invited over 100 leaders and among the protagonists there was also Alessandra Spada, CTO of Alkemy and head of Alkemy Lab, as well as coordinator of the team that writes the column "Social Sense, il Pensiero dei Leader".

Alessandra Spada talked about the concept of Post-truth: a current topic and that will certainly be decisive for the world’s leaders in the near future. Post-truth is the spread of false truths enriched with emotional images and tones such as to appear realistic, or, better, to left in the background the real. Post-truth is one of the terms monitored by the analysis of Social Sense, mostly used in connection with political phenomena like Brexit and Donald Trump.

Other guests at Board of Leaders will be the digital philosopher Luciano Floridi, from the Oxford University, David Bevilacqua of YOROI, Stefano Salvadeo of Bernoni Grant Thornton, Horace Stangherlin of Arcadia Consulting, Sergio Urbani of the Cariplo Foundation and Giovanni Morale, Director of Gallerie d’Italia.