Cosenza: Alkemy Lab at the Cyber Security District for the workshop on SPID

At the center of the workshop the system that represents the future Digital Identity

On June 27, the Cyber Security Technological Discrict of Cosenza hosted the workshop "The Digital Identity Security and the Digital Single Market" dedicated to SPID, the Public System of Digital Identity. Also Alkemy Lab attended the meeting. The company, indeed, is involved in the activities of the District with the project Cyber Security. You can read more about it in the article Fashion fraud analysis: i primi passi del progetto Cyber Security.

The event had as main topic the SPID, the system that provides a digital identity that can be used both from individuals and from companies, allowing the access to all types of online services. The system has recently started, so there are many issues to be explored and aspects still to be calibrated, and of course the issue of security is very important for the District Cyber Security.

The workshop opened with the intervention of Anna Pia Sassano, manager of Poste Italiane, who dealt with the problem of security hoping for future collaboration with the Public Administration. The event continued with the speeches by Rocco Mammoliti and Roberto Palumbo, from Poste Italiane, and Francesco Boccafurri, from the University of Reggio Calabria. The interventions expressed the clear intent to guarantee the security of users’ personal data, focusing on the prevention of possible threats by deploying several expert teams and reconciling the various administrative aspects and the role of the European Union.

From what emerged during the workshop, in this context the Cosenza Cyber Security District must know a growth of activities. The aim is therefore to focus on an increased use of the SPID, whose use is still not widespread, especially in South Italy, also because of the coexistence of various similar systems that gradually the SPID will replace.

The evaluation of attack cases on the SPID platform was the focus of the intervention of Angelo Furfaro, from OKT, which was followed by other interventions on examples of ongoing activities related to the digital identity. Examples are those of Andrea De Maria, from the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, and the one of Roberto Setola, from the Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, who has highlighted the problem of the certification of the App for smartphones.

The impact of the European legislation, the risks associated with the use of the SPID, the theme of digital identity security and the measures to be implemented were thus the subject of the interventions of the other speakers of Poste Italiane. Specifically Monica Pilleddu, Andrea Cecchetti, Stefano Maletta, Paolo Iorio, and Armando Patanè.

The workshop was closed by the professor Domenico Saccà, from the University of Calabria, who spoke about Crowdsourcing and concluded the event by making a reference to the next steps of the project. A project that in the near future will influence the life of everyone who uses public administrations’ services, through the web and more.


WORKSHOP - "La Sicurezza dell’Identità Digitale e il Digital Single Market"