Data Driven Business: TSC in Forlì to discuss about e-Commerce and Big Data

What are the new business opportunities offered by the Big Data analysis? What are the growth scenarios that eCommerce universe can offer to Italian companies? Have the social media changed the expectations of consumers towards the companies?

These are the topics explored during the two days of high-level training, held on March 19th and 20th and organized by the 4Progress Committee, composed by Legacoop Romagna, Confcooperative, Unindustria and CNA Forlì-Cesena. The training was held within the "Course for Managers of local enterprises for the Global Development", which was also attended by the TSC Lab team.

The training sessions, divided into two in-depth modules concering eCommerce and Big Data, were dedicated to young recently graduates who started an educational pathway to acquire managerial skills.

TSC contributed by presenting two talks: "eCommerce: news, trends and strategies", held by Stefano Torniamenti, and "The eCommerce communication: from the icon to the video", held by Carlo Turri.

The first lesson, held at the opening of the two days, provided the basic concepts of the eCommerce to the participants, with an analysis of the current situation and of the future developments and prospects. From the Omnichannel eCommerce to the Convergence eCommerce, between the physical world and the Internet and wearable world; up to the exploration of the most innovative technologies, architectures and development platforms.

The second lesson was more communication-oriented and focused on the techniques of brand building in the digital domain and the brand communication through the interface (GUI). In addition to this, the lesson also discussed the issues related to designing a good user experience.

The two days of high-level training were completed by Gianni Riotta’s conference titled "Big Data Future Business", an educational opportunity for business leaders, trade associations and marketing managers of the companies. An afternoon to explore Big Data in relation to emerging business models.


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