La Stampa publishes the research by Alkemy Lab about the 2016 Olympics

Alkemy Lab and Catchy, witheen the DEEP project, chose to study Rio’s Olympics 2016, collecting and analyzing open data and social conversations

10500 athlets competing, 207 Contries and 42 disciplines. These are some of the data that represent the XXXI edition of the modern Olympics, narrated by Gianni Riotta on La Stampa through the analysis made by Alkemy Lab. The article “Le Olimpiadi a Rio: il carnevale dello sport o paura e flop?”, published on La Stampa, represents just the starting point of a work that will study the sport event throughout all its course.

A data journalism experience that wants to provide the readers with some useful information to understand and better enjoy the Games. Some historical references together with a focus on the most important records will go with current considerations from the opening cerimony to the end of the event. The results of the study will be shown through clear infographics, that will make the results immediately intuitive.

Obviously, there will be also an analysis of the data coming from social networks, in order to underline the most common conversations and themes among the users.

This element is indeed one of the focal points of the first article about the Olympics.

During the last month before the Olympics, the most used hashtag was #roadtorio. In fact, users posted it to talk about the athlets during their qualifications. United States seems to be the most supported Nation, through the hashtags #onenationoneteam, #teamusa and, for the basketball team, #usabmnt.

Basketball and soccer are indeed the most popular sports in the discussions on Twitter.

The fans are strongly waiting for the basketball match that will see the Brazilians competing with South Africa. For both the most popular sports, Italy is not qualificated. This in turn will not stop the Italian team from fighting to win a good number of medals, in order to increase the already rich Italian collection.

The long trip of the XXXI edition of the Olympics will be under the wathcful eye of Alkemy Lab that, in collaboration with La Stampa, will follow athlets and fans with data, narrations and infographics. A study, focused on sport, that nobody can miss.