Domoglass Light: the app for Google Glass that turns on the house lights

DomoGlass Light App is created to control lighting systems of home, office or other places using wearable technology.

Just wearing Google Glass, any user has the possibility to choose what light turn on or turn off from the menu of the manageable devices, using a simple voice command or skimming over the earpiece of the glasses.

In addition, DomoGlass Light is able to create an home social diary: through a domestic WiFi connection, Google Glass logs on Twitter to share the selected command. A linkage of the social pages, created using the app, becomes a real time diary of what is happening in the smart house.

The social diary is shared with the residents of the house, so all the authorized users can have a global vision of what happens in home, by checking the dedicated private page linked to the application.

DomoGlass Light is the first of a suite of apps designed to manage different devices, detectors and services. By using the app of DomoGlass suite, it will be possible to raise and down the window blinds, to close and open the curtains or lock the entrance door.

DomoGlass Light was built as part of a trial that proposes a new model of data tacking and recording based on cloud social platform, according to the paradigm of the Internet of Things.

The testing phase was carried out in collaboration with the company Domotica Sitzia, which was responsible for the automation of devices, while the TSC Lab has developed the app for Google Glass and the integration with the social channels.

At the moment, for demonstration purposes, the glass app will be used in offices of Domotica Sitzia and in offices of TSC Consulting in Cagliari.


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