Entrepreneurs and innovators meet and share their experiences at Adriano Olivetti day

On October 16, the Teatro Grande in Brescia hosted the event in memory of Adriano Olivetti, during which business people and technology innovators shared how they have embraced the Olivetti thinking.

The Adriano Olivetti Day is the event that took place last October 16, 2015 in the Teatro Grande di Brescia. This event, which reached its third edition, was conceived and organized by the Super Partes Innovation Campus, where startups and young technology companies are supported from the constitution to the arrival on the market.

The protagonists were exponents of economy and finance and people who distinguished themselves for their ability to stimulate technological innovation in the entrepreneurial system. In this event, guests met in order to discuss with each other and with the audience, by sharing ideas and success stories. One of the main focus of the debate was "How we finance innovation and why we have to do it".

The chairman of the event was Gianfausto Ferrari, founder and President of Superpartes Innovation Campus. The campus was strongly desired by Gianfausto Ferrari, Marino Pinotti and Fulvio Primatesta (co-founders). It was born with the aim to promote and enhance Italian innovation in the most concrete way. The business incubator of Brescia wants to teach start-up to fly since the first launches. The campus pursues this goal both by participating in the administrative expenses of eligible companies (for the first year at least); and by making the campus a place of meeting, training and attraction of young talents.

Francesco Beraldi, founder of the O2E, was one of the protagonists of the event. Beraldi, starting from his business experience, told about how interpretating the signs of change is essential to innovate. The mission of O2E is promoting initiatives to encourage young talents and innovation, and supporting innovative enterprises.

In his speech "Digital R(E)volution - The metamorphosis of making innovation", Beraldi explained how the digital has been a disruptive innovation, which changed the social organization by shaping our way of communication, and has shed a new light on the business strategies and on the way to innovate.

He told about the "digital craftsmen": they were formidable innovators in the way of producing too, by inaugurating the first "horizontal enterprise" with the birth of the Open Source community. Beraldi also explained how the Open Source has realized an innovative social production model, in which collaboration is an essential building block: an innovative way of working focused on participation.

In the vision of Francesco Beraldi, the business world is heading towords a transformation of the industry structure, which is becoming more “horizontal”, and this involves fundamental changes in the business strategy.
Companies have to encourage the sharing and the ability to create networks, by promoting an open and collaborative environment. Today, the entrepreneur who innovates is the one who has the ability to listen and recognize the streams to be developed. These elements often are not discovered through an in house research, but by the users. That is why making innovation needs the ability to observe and research the diversity. Creativity is cumulative and cooperative: it is obtained though the sedimentation of ideas and reuse capabilities.

DIGITAL (R)EVOLUTION - La metamorfosi del fare innovazione

Watch the full intervention of Francesco Beraldi: "Olivetti Day 2015 - Francesco Beraldi"

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