#Euro2016: on La Stampa the analysis on #ITASWE made by Catchy and Alkemy Lab

An overlook at the conversations on Twitter about the Italy-Sweden match, and at the referees in the European Championship

Continues, with ups and downs, the European Football Championship and continues the analysis made by Catchy and Alkemy Lab to find out how social networks face the Euro2016 topic.

The research of Alkemy Lab provided the data for Gianni Riotta’s analysis, published in La Stampa few hours before the match between the Azzurri and the The Boys in Green. The article "Euro 2016, l’Italia vince anche sui social" has already received several social sharings.

The data analysis examined the conversations on Twitter about the match between Italy and Sweden, which indeed has attracted the attention of social users. Users who followed the match posting many tweets with comments and, why not, some criticism. The analyzed conversations are those that occurred from 9.30 of June 17 until 1:30 of June 18. So in the times people were waiting for the match and in those immediately following the victory of the Azzurri.

In the top 20 hashtags identified #ITASWE figures in the first position , This is the hashtag indicating the match, closely followed by # Euro2016, that internationally collects most of the Twitter discussions on the European Championship underway.

On the top list appear also some "encouragement hashtags" as #forzaazzurri or #vivoazzurro, with different variations all related to the Italian national team.

The most used hashtags also confirm those who were the “men-game”: so they include #Conte, "director" of our national; #Buffon, the goalkeeper who blocked all actions directed at Italy's door; and #Eder, who, with his 89th minute goal gave the victory to the Azzurri.

UEFA Euro2016, however, not only involves the national teams: an in-deepth analysis in the article is dedicated to the referees who direct the various matches of Euro2016. Eighteen professionals from seventeen different countries which, like the teams, represent almost the entire continent.

It has been entrusted to them the difficult task of refereeing the fifty matches of the European Championship, supported by a staff that includes two linemen, two assistant referees, a fourth man and the reserve referee.

Among them also an Italian, Nicola Rizzoli, many times chosen as the best referee of the Serie A, who also refereed international events. Just consider that Rizzoli refereed also the final match of the 2014 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro.