Soiree “Mesclamundi” in Milan

On 10 december, the Auditorium di Milano Fondazione Cariplo is going to host the presentation of the first album of the Orchestra dei Popoli "Vittorio Baldoni".

Follow the streaming live of the event!

The event Mesclamundi is going to start: in the evening of 10 december, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., music and poetry will join.

The Orchestra dei Popoli "Vittorio Baldoni" will have the main role: it will present its first album called “Mesclamundi” and will propose new pieces. Among the music performances, there will be the speeches and the poetry reading of business men and managers.

The soiree is an occasion to celebrate the birth of the Gruppo Media Areté: the aim of the group is to explore new worlds and languages of information and digital communication, with the patronage of AgCom and the collaboration of the Commissioner Antonio Nicita.

The event is promoted byTerzocanale Show and Fondazione Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti Onlus,, which have the aim of supporting the cultural and social project of Orchestra dei Popoli.

Alkemy Lab is going to partecipate to this special evening and to read and interprate the “words of sustainability” of social brands that are our friends.

The partners of the event are American Express, Arcadia, Bernoni GT, Bureau Veritas, Car2Go, Cisco, Epson, Enel, Face4Job, Feralpi, FS Italiane, Generali Conserve, Green Public Company, Guna, Kjiuice, Martini&Rossi, mytaxi, Skilla, Wind.

The event can not be followed only by the people at the Auditorium di Milano Fondazione Cariplo; the evening will be also broadcasted on Terzocanale Show di Reteconomy Sky and on the web sites of Rai Cultura,, Corriere Sociale, Radiomontecarlo and Formiche.