Footprint 4.0: smart metering and big data project by Alkemy Lab

Alkemy Lab will take part at the Supernova Festival in Brescia to illustrate the Footprint 4.0 project

Alkemy Lab will be one of the leading entities of the Supernova Festival, that will take place in Brescia from september 29 to october the 2. A trip in the world of innovation and digital transformation in which companies, startups and other protagonists of the innovation world will be able to meet each other and share ideas. A Festival organized by Talent Garden, the innovative campus where companies and talents can work together in the co-working spirit. Labs, workshops and exibition will be the main characters of the creative days in Brescia, that will answer to the question “Which is the impact that technology, innovation and creativity will have on the environment?

Alkemy Lab together with innovative partners such as the startups Catchy and Joule 4.0 and the lab The FabLab will illustrate to the Supernova Festival the Footprint 4.0 project, that will be explained in two different moments: the stand in X Giornate street, that people will be able to visit from Saturday 1 to Sunday 2 of october and the Supernova Startup Conference, where Alice Andreuzzi and Marco Piras of Alkemy Lab together with Alessandro Imparato of Joule 4.0 will illustrate the Footprint 4.0 project.

How can we know the environmental footprint of our energy consumption?
Footprint 4.0 tries to answer this question in two different moments. The platform Joule 4.0 will recreate the city of Brescia with its streets and buildings and it will simulate, with a model, the pollution created by the energy consumption of the buildings of Brescia. A smart metering tool, that uses data and algorithm in order to obtain models to register and predict the energy consumption, that will be visualized through interactive maps and graphs. The innovative lab TheFabLab will collaborate with the project creating a smart object that will be able to dialogue wit the platform Joule 4.0 in order to make people immediately informed of the energy consumption.

The second part of the project is the Data Intelligence’s study realized by Alkemy Lab in collaboration with Catchy and Talent Garden Brescia. Also in this case, a particular kind of data will be the focus of the analysis: the ones extrapolated from the main social networks. This study, realized from august to september 2016, collects a lots of data about users’ conversations about the most important themes of the Footprint 4.0 project such as pollution, environment, smart city and smart metering, creating ad hoc narratives.

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Stand - Alkemy Lab, Joule 4.0 and Thefablab
X Giornate street, Brescia
from 30/09 to 2/10

Supernova Startup Conference
"Supernova arena" – Zanardelli street
On Sutarday 1/10/2016, at 14:00