Francesco Beraldi at the Unical for the conference on Blockchain and Sharing Economy

The president of Alkemy Tech attends the conference “Evoluzione dei Sistemi di Pagamento e Tecnologie Blockchain per la Sharing Economy”

Blockchain and Sharing Economy are themes increasingly at the center of public opinion, so on May 22 at the University of Calabria was held a focus on the technologies behind virtual coins and their use in the new digital economy: "Evoluzione dei Sistemi di Pagamento e Tecnologie Blockchain per la Sharing Economy". The workshop was also attended by Francesco Beraldi, president of Alkemy Tech, with an intervention at the round table that was held during the afternoon session.

Beraldi emphasized the ever-increasing role of technology: "whatever trend of development is driven by technology. Technology is the real raw material". A factor to be welcomed in a positive way in a reality in which smartphones and mobile devices became a primary good. Indeed, they are indispensable for access a growing number of services and digital wallets are becoming the first payment method.

There are so many issues still open: interoperability between systems, for example, continues to be a hot topic. They should also be considered the effects that the use of the network has in social context: contrary to what was expected the web has not increased social welfare. In fact, the disparities have increased and the middle class it is decreasing.

Despite this, any trend there is to be followed, it can not be excluded from being related to technology: "It's a bit like raindrops - says Beraldi - nobody knows where, but it is certain that they will fall".

The workshop held at Unical is the third training event on this topic, organized by the Centro di Competenza ICT-Sud in collaboration with Blockchain Governance, which involved experts in blockchain of the academic, institutional, and business world. After Gino Mirocle Crisci’s greetings, rector of Unical, the event continued with the interventions of Domenico Gammaldi, Director of Market Supervision on Bank Markets and Payment Systems of Banca d’Italia, Maurizio Pimpinella, President of the Italian Association of Payment Institutions and Electronic Currency, and Vincenzo Di Nicola, Co-Founder of Conio Inc.

In the afternoon, along with Francesco Beraldi's intervention, presented his project the Founder of Open Timestamps Riccardo Casatta. During the round table, coordinated by the president of ICT-South and prorettore of the UniCal Domenico Saccà, the speakers deepened the issues raised by the questions from the audience. The theme is more and more central and in fact raises curiosity and questions.


Evoluzione dei Sistemi di Pagamento e Tecnologie Blockchain per la Sharing Economy