Francesco Beraldi at the Unical for the conference on the ecosystem of innovation in Calabria

The University of Calabria hosted the event as part of the BIAT, the Borsa dell’Innovazione e dell’Alta Tecnologia, which aims to facilitate the matching of supply and demand in technology.

The path to innovation requires continuous development. A challenge that companies, of any size, must accept and face to be able to evolve. There are many projects and funds that can be put on the field, especially from the European Community, but it’s necessary also to accompany the companies into accepting this challenge.

There is, indeed, an increasing need to create networks and links between companies, institutions and universities. This and much more was discussed yesterday morning during the conference L’ecosistema dell’innovazione in Calabria, which took place in Rende, at the University of Calabria and which was attended by the President of Alkemy Tech Francesco Beraldi, which concluded the discussions.

Beraldi highlighted how the technological innovation is crucial for businesses. "Many companies are not digitalized because they don’t have a digital culture - said the President of Alkemy Tech - therefore we must encourage these initiatives and this is the role of ICT-South and of other actors intervened". The main aim, in fact, should be to better respond to market needs, not according to theoretical criteria but according to what the market requires.

The occasion of the conference was the Calabrian stage of BIAT, the Borsa dell’Innovazione e dell’Alta Tecnologia, an event dedicated to promoting the match between supply and demand, technological. The event was organized by ICE, the Agenzia per la promozione all’estero e l’internazionalizzazione delle imprese italiane, with the participation of the University of Calabria and of the Centro di Competenza ICT-Sud of Rende.

Already on the day of February 28, eleven foreign operators had the opportunity to visit some of the best academic and business realities related to the University of Calabria. A presence, that of the UniCal, that for Calabria plays a key role not only in the traditional academic field, but also in the technological innovation. The University is indeed partners in many projects and led to the creation of so many spin-offs and startups operating mainly in the field of ICT.

After the greetings and the interventions of the representatives of the University, of Confindustria and of the Region of Calabria, the event is entered into the heart of the issue with a special technical session led by the Deputy Rector Domenico Sacca. Several members of the Calabrian business world brought their experience, as the CEO of EXEURA Pasquale Rullo, the CEO of DLVSystem Francesco Calimeri, the Cofounder of DtoK Lab Domenico Talia, the CEO of GiPStech Gaetano D'Aquila, the representative of OKT Leonardo Felicetti and finally Francesco Beraldi, President of Alkemy Tech, which concluded the event.


Programme of the event