Francesco Beraldi meets the students of the University of Calabria

At the University of Calabria, Francesco Beraldi talked about Digital Evolution and transformations in the world of Innovation with the students.

It is from small companies that innovation starts. Thinking about people before capital allows, in fact, to undertake new roads. Which is not easy for big companies, now highly bureaucratized.

Francesco Beraldi focused his speech about this and other issues during the seminar "Digital Evolution: The Metamorphosis of Making Innovation", held today at the University of Calabria. The seminar, aimed at the students of Computer Engineering, was held as part of the course of Information Systems of the professor Domenico Sacca.

During the discussion, the entrepreneur and President of Alkemy Tech presented his vision of the digital evolution, sharing with the students his experience in the area. he acquired his experience starting from the course of Computer Science at the University of Pisa, working with big multinational corporations, founding innovative companies operating in the ICT field and arriving now in Alkemy.

Beraldi presented an overview on the advent of the new digital economy, in which the use of computer technology has radically changed the production techniques and needs constant changes to deal with the challenges of the market. A world in constant evolution in which, however, synergies between business and universities can be an incentive to develop new ideas.

Not a simple lesson, therefore, but a real debate with attentive and involved students. Many of them exposed the ideas and the projects they are working with in the course, establishing a comparison between students, guest and professor, and exchanging views and opinions. A moment of learning that has turned into an opportunity.