Gruppo Media Areté is taking its first steps

Gruppo Media Areté puts together institutional, editorial and business organizations that want to investigate the new languages ​​of web communication

On 15 February members, partners and friends of Gruppo Media Areté met in Rome, at the branch of AgCom, the Communications Authority.

This was one of the first meetings of the new group, which was born as expression of Areté alla Comunicazione Responsabile, promoted by the non-profit organization Nuvolaverde, with Confindustria and Abi. The Gruppo Media Areté aims to explore the new forms of communication and their languages, with a focus on social responsibility and a particular attention to young people. One of its objectives is to identify new leaders, both people and platforms, that are able to influence and monitor the collective imagination.

The Gruppo Media Areté involves representatives of the institutional, editorial and business worlds. The meeting was attended by Enzo Argante and Gemma Michetti (of Nuvolaverde), Antonio Calabrò (journalist and president of Areté), Antonio Nicita (of AgCom). The meeting involved also representatives of Formiche, Airpress; Corecom Lombardia; Viacom Media Networks,, Ascai, Askanews e Arcadia Consulting.

Alkemy Lab is a member of Gruppo Media Areté and, during the meeting, presented the results of its Social Data Analysis on those that are the ten top youtubers, according the rank of Geekissimo published the last june.

According to the analysis of the hashtags used in tweets in 2015, the most popular youtubers very much talked about TV: the most used hashtags are #xf9, hashtag of the 2015 edition of the talent show X factor, and #igt, hashtag of Italians Got Talent. Some phenomena on social networks, such as #periscope and #followtim, are mentioned in a lot of tweets. Youtubers talk also about their selves and their passions (such as @BarenghiM, who tweets #marcellobarenghi and #art, #drawing, #olipainting, #painting).

Alkemy Lab has also analized the video that the most popular Youtubers published between the 19 and the 31 dicember 2015 on Youtube. The results of the analysis say that the two videos that received more comments in a single day are the ones of IlmiocaroDexter and of FavijTv, both funny reviews of videogames. The most viewed video is of iPantellas, which contains a comparison between cartoon followed by kids of ‘90s and the ones watched by the today’s children.

The participants have done the first proposals and exchanged views and opinions. The ideas became more definite… and they will transform soon into reality, about that we keep you posted!