The Premio Strega and the Alkemy Lab’s Data Driven Analysis

The 2017 edition of the most prestigious Italian literary prize, awarded on July 6 in Rome at Villa Giulia, is at the center of the latest research of Data Intelligence realized by Alkemy Lab

A prestigious award, an important location, the books and their authors as protagonists. These are the main elements of the Premio Strega, the most renowned Italian literary prize, which was traditionally held at the Ninfeo of Villa Giulia in Rome. Alkemy Lab developed, in collaboration with Catchy and journalist Gianni Riotta, a Data Intelligence analysis to monitor social information and discussions about the event and the candidates in the race. The analysis was published on the information portal in the article "Premio Strega: una notte di lettere e libri a Villa Giulia".

The 2017 edition was held on Thursday, July 6, and saw the victory of the writer Paolo Cognetti. It was, indeed, his work "le otto montagne", edited by Einaudi, to obtain the majority of the voters' preferences.

Through the searches on the Google engine it was possible to examine the interest towards the writers of the final five: Paolo Cognetti, Alberto Rollo, Teresa Ciabatti, Wanda Marasco and Matteo Nucci.

Also on social networks there were many discussions about the prize. In the two weeks before the event there were numerous posts on the topic on Instagram and Twitter. There were many references to the prize, to the books and to users’ favorite writers.

Twitter was used a lot in the hours while the event was taking place at Villa Giulia. In the posts of users who tweeted using #strega17 or #premiostrega, #Cognetti is the most used hashtag. As the result was outlining, in fact, the tweet about the Prize and Paolo Cognetti knew a peak, demonstrating the interest generated by the event among the users.

The victory of the Premio Strega it’s highly coveted even from the same publishing houses that publish the books in the race. In the rankings of publishing houses which won more time since 1947 until today, Mondadori is at the top, far surpassing the direct competitors.

In second place ranks Einaudi, which published the work of Cognetti and that, with the victory of the 2017 edition, reaches a total of 14 wins of the Prize.

The Strega is confirmed as a participating event, and beyond the strictly literary aspect represents a popular showcase for Italian culture.