The Iseo lake area on the social networks: the shadow of The Floating Piers is still on Twitter

The analysis by Alkemy Lab and the data visualization by Brandity Lab show what happened after the platform’s closing

The Floating Piers, the art installation that from June 8 to July 3 walked across the Iseo lake, catched the attention of experts, tourists and just curious. This interest turns into tweets that, if they are monitored and analyzed, make us understand what social conversations say about the area in which the work of art was installed. The “keywords” to read and interpret the tweets can be local hashtags, such as #iseolake, #iseo, #sulzano, #inlombardia, #montisola, #lagodiseo, #visitlakeiseo and #orobie.

The study, carried on during the month from june 18 and july 18, shows that the work of art was in general more debated than the geographical area. From June 24 to July 24, in fact, the amount of tweets which included at least one of the local hashtags was almost 15.200, a number close to the amount of tweets which included #thefloatingpiers just in the period of the installation: almost 15.500. In a month, the 8 local hashtags were used less than the main hashtag #thefloatingpiers in only two weeks.

How much did people talk about The Floating Piers in the local conversations?

Focusing on the collected local conversations, we can adfirm that people talked a lot about the work of art. Two of the three most used hashtags were indeed about the installation: #thefloatingpiers and #christo were respectively at the second and third places after #inlombardia - this is overall the most used hashtag both in all the period and in each single day. #iseo and #lagodiseo were instead in the fourth and fifth places.

In the local conversations, the hashtags related to the geographical area are by and large the 70% of the total, against the 30 % of the hashtags related to the work of art. The interest for all the hashtags - both the local and the installation ones - was bigger at The Floating Piers’ opening, loosing positions in the next days.

An other study focuses on the Twitter conversations related only to the Iseo lake - through the hashtags #lagodiseo and #iseolake - from june 24 to july 24. Also in this case, lots of the conversations related to the lake came from The Floating Piers. The amount of hashtags related to The Floating Piers covers, in fact, the 36% of the total of hashtags in the conversations about the Iseo lake.

Moreover, we decided to compare the Iseo lake with one of its major turistic competitors: the Garda lake. The Iseo lake didn’t reach the popularity of the Garda lake. The amount of tweets related to the Garda lake doubles the number of tweets related to the Iseo lake, despite the period we consider involves also tha days of the installation.

The popularity of the hashtags related to the Iseo lake was bigger during the days of The Floating Piers. The popularity of the hashtags related to the Garda lake is not uniform and it shows an increase - not always stable - in the second half of the analyzed period. Can this growth in popularity be explained through the progressive entrance in the central period of summer season? Or is it about the closing of The Floating Piers? We have to consider, in fact that the growth starts at July 4, the day after The Floating Piers’ closing day.