Insider System: a great success from Calabria made in TSC

For some time the website of PON Sicurezza (Ministry of the Interior) dedicates the main space in home page to the INSIDER Project, developed in the technological forge of TSC.

This positive signal is a direct evidence of the interest that the project has collected in the past time and also a demonstration of the growing consensus that it continues to inspire. This positive signal of interest adds up with the large number of newspaper, printed and digital, which published the news of the presentation.
Insider is one of the actions taken to implement the Operational Objective 2.7 of the PON Sicurezza, which aims to "strengthen the technological equipment of the public administration " in order to improve its transparency and efficiency .
The INSIDER System was entirely designed and built in Calabria by TSC - Talents and Solutions for Cloud, with the scientific collaboration of the laboratory Linkalab. This project is a demonstration about the skills that exist and operate in the South of Italy, knowledge ready to get into the game to give a chance of renaissance to the territory. The project thus becomes not only a tool for law enforcement but also a litmus test for measuring the quality of the entrepreneurship in Calabria. As pointed out by the Deputy Minister of the Interior Bubbico "to combat organized crime, it is no longer sufficient to call the police and the judiciary; strong collective choices need to be done, often difficult ; is necessary the courage and the common desire to fight against the Mafia".


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Press release

04/05/2014 - Il quotidiano della Calabria: "Un sostegno all'economia legale" (download the article in PDF).