Jump into the Future

TSC Consulting has celebrated the meeting with Alkemy in an evening of celebration with friends, co-workers and partners.

The story of the association between TSC Consulting and Alkemy has been told by its protagonists, the ones who turned an unexpected encounter into an opportunity for the future: Duccio Vitali, Francesco Beraldi, Alessandro Mattiacci and Alessandra Spada. Each of them has told, from different points of view, how Alkemy and TSC recognized each other as complementary universes, with similar working methods and common objectives and values.

The proof that volition, ability and courage turn aspirations into reality has been also provided by the entrepreneurial stories told in the following talk, hosted by Gianni Riotta. The guests, leading personalities of the Italian business panorama, shared their stories on a journey through the Italian digital and business world: Luciano Belviso, founder and CEO at Blackshape, a company that produces composite aircraft in Monopoli; Marino Piotti, who gave life and vigor to the campus Federico Faggin, a hub dedicated to innovative start-ups and with the aim of enhancing the national talents; Gianluca Ortolani, CEO at NetService, a company that provides services in Cloud to companies and PA. Sitting next to the guests, there were Francesco Beraldi, president of TSC Consulting, and Duccio Vitali, CEO at Alkemy, the first Italian digital enabler.

Read the program of "Jump into the Future" on the event poster.

The opening video of "Jump into the Future" - January 28, 2015