The #ArtArtusi hackathon on social networks

Alkemy Lab collaborated within the DEEP project in the Data Intelligence research on the topic #ArtArtusi hackathon

The past 18 and 19 February, the Alkemy Lab team took part as technology sponsor to the #ArtArtusi hackathon, a project born from the ideas of Casa Artusi, Romagna - Terra del Buon Vivere, Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì and Catchy under the patronage of the Regione Emilia-Romagna and of the Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale.

During the event, Alkemy Lab has also made a Data Intelligence research on the social conversations around the key themes of the hackathon.

On Twitter, the research has focused on the social conversations about the father of modern Italian cuisine, Pellegrino Artusi, to which the hackathon was dedicated, and about the conversation around the official event hashtags: #ArtArtusi.

The chart below shows the trend, day by day, of the most used hashtags along with Pellegrino Artusi. For the whole period of the monitoring, the posts dedicated to the father of the modern Italian cuisine spoke, steadily, even of #food, #ricette, #romagna, #girogusto and #chefitaliano.

The hashtags #ArtArtusi was used along with Pellegrino Artusi throughout the period, reaching a significant peak during the event. #Cucina is especially used on the day January 31, 2017, when the magazine Wired Italia, published the article dedicated to the event "Pellegrino Artusi e la svolta tech della cucina italiana", which quickly became viral on Twitter.

To talk about Pellegrino Artusi and #chefitaliano is the "Restaurant L'Artusi account", a French restaurant dedicated to Artusi’s recipes.

The hackathon has certainly helped to increase the number of conversations about Artusi. As shown in the chart below (which keeps track of the weekly cumulative performance of the same hashtags represented above) the conversations about #artusi, #artartusi and #cucina grow together.

The Data Intelligence of Alkemy Lab also monitored the social conversations during the #ArtArtusi Hackathon, to identify the hours with greater activity. The detailed trend of the #artartusi hashtag on Twitter during the two days of the event, shows that the most active hours for communication were the 19:00 on February 18, and the midnight, the 14:00 and the 18:00 of February 19.

Among the influencers that talked or retwitted content on the #ArtArtusi hackathon appear the journalist Gianni Riotta, cofounder of Catchy, and Giovanna Melandri, President of the "Fondazione MAXXI - National Museum of XXI Century".

Alkemy Lab has also highlighted the most popular tweets, considering for popularity the amount of retweets and favorites obtained from the published content. Emerges the opening event tweet of the Talent Garden: "just began #ArtArtusi hackathon, the challenge to digitize the Italian cuisine!"

Follows the tweet published by one of the members of the team who won the first place with Artusi Learning project, a platform that allows the purchase of online courses on the recipes Artusi: "6K€ at #ArtArtusi #Hackathon in Forlì mixing #innovation and #tradition in the #food sector. Ready to bring #blendedlearning to a next level".

The Data Intelligence on Instagram showed that Pellegrino Artusi is the subject of many conversations especially with some popular Instagram’s hashtags belonging to the food area: #instafood, #foodporn and #italianfood.

Even though the hashtag #ArtArtusi doesn’t appear in the top ten most used on Instagram along with Pellegrino Artusi, the conversations on the father of the modern Italian cuisine are at their highest peak just between the 18 and 19 February 2017.

#ArtArtusi, however, was used on Instagram along with the other key themes of the event: #hackathon, # forlì, #artificialintelligence.

Very active on Instagram talking about the event was the Chatbot studios’ account, related to the third placed team on the digital race. #chatbots, #artybot and #chatbotstudios are the hashtags used by the group to talk about their interesting project: an artificial chatbot that advises the user in real time with the foods and the best recipes.

(The Data Intelligence was realized in collaboration with Catchy)