The Data Intelligence of Alkemy Lab about the US Elections published on La Stampa

The research conducted by Alkemy Lab in the context of the DEEP research project, analyzed the social conversations of the users and the candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the days before the US elections

The Data Intelligence realized by Alkemy Lab about the information flows on Twitter and Facebook around the US Elections, has found space in the article of Gianni Riotta Clinton e Trump: battaglia di idee, valori, slogan, accuse e like" published on La Stampa.

A part of the research has examined the social conversations of the users, occurred between October 7 and November 3, around the candidates and around the hot topics that accompanied the election campaign.

On Twitter, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were approached primarily to tax issues and immigration. The tax issue is very popular on Facebook, where the feedbacks from users to the pages of the candidates about the hot topics were collected and analyzed.

The comments received from Donald Trump in his official page around the main themes of the campaign have had almost always a greater volume than those received by Hillary Clinton. The only exception is represented by the argument of national security where users discussed further in relation to the Democratic candidate.

The Alkemy Lab Data Intelligence also monitored the conversations on Twitter between October 7th and November 3rd around the official hashtag #Election2016.

The themes that emerged, in the form of hashtags, were regrouped into four main clusters by topic: Candidates, election debates, election campaigns and themes.

Conversations about candidates, campaigns and debates are predominant on Twitter. The contrasts on television between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump attracted the attention of users, who expressed opinions and criticisms by using the social channels. The only issues that move away from the pure reference to the two candidates are #millennials, #wikileaks and #vote.

The two candidates were also compared on the basis of a popularity index on Facebook, obtained by taking together the likes to the pages of the candidates and a sum of likes, comments, and shares of their post. Throughout the analyzed period is evident the social supremacy of Donald Trump.

(The research was realized in collaboration with Catchy and Dtok lab)