Alkemy Lab’s study is broadcasted today on Reteconomy, a Sky channel

In the Tv program Terzocanale show, our team presents the Extramedia research

Tonight at 22:00 the research made by Alkemy Lab will be on air on Terzocanale show, the thursday evening program on the Sky channel Reteconomy. From tomorrow you can also rewatch it on the websites Il Sole 24 ore and Reteconomy!

Our team will introduce to the audience the Extramedia research, on which we are working with Accademia+ and Aedus Innovation Lab, in collaboration with GFK.

The Extremedia research wants to identify the new media forces that affect collective immagination. The study demands to describe the new aggregations of information that go beyond the traditional mass media and spread to the web, creating the extra-media. This new space is dominated by YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

In the Extramedia research, Alkemy Lab analyzes the content of conversations and information that are on the web and studies the specific behaviours of the users where they are not only passive users but content creators: the social networks.

We would like to understand and communicate in a new way the behaviours and the topics that today characterize the new features of information, with a specific focus on the conversations that are linked with education and the access to employment. We are studying how much and how people use Twitter and Instagram to talk about education, knowledge, job oppurtinities, social learning and gamification. We are analyzing the Youtube’s stars, which are now leaders in the social audivisual and, as a consequence, influencers of the collective immagination.

In order to do that, we listen Twitter conversations and whatch Youtube and Instagram videos and pictures. We use tools, platforms and algorithms that let us know in real-time or near real - time lots of information - Big Data, Small Data, Fast Data, Proximity Data - that are born and spread through these channels. We analyze these information using new techniques and tool of data analysis. Then, we present the obtained results through new models of interpretation and data visualization, offering points of view that want to be perfectly understandble to explain complex and multiform phenomena.

The research will continue during the next months. The final results will be share with the audience on October 4 and 5, in the occasion of the Salone della Responsabilità Sociale at the University Bocconi of Milano.