The TV column of Alkemy Lab broadcast on Sky

The TV program House of Leaders protagonist of the Wednesday night on the Reteconomy channel. Within it also "Social Sense, il pensiero dei leader", the section made in Alkemy Lab.

Update of 09/03/2017

"Capitani in mare" is the title of the episode of House of Leaders aired yesterday, inside which was broadcast the intervention of Monica Fantini for Alkemy Lab’s section "Social Sense, il pensiero dei leader".

Watch the episode of Wednesday, March 8! The section of Alkemy Lab "Social Sense, il pensiero dei leader" begins at minute 19:55!

The results of the research realized by Alkemy Lab, exposed by Monica Fantini, say that the Italian conversations about the leadership collected between October 22 and February 16 are over 15,000 and have, among the central issues, #entrepreneurship and #management. #manager and #startup are among the most used hashtags in the collected tweets, representing more than 10% of the total hashtags in the examined conversations. Other present themes are #innovazione and #competitività, followed by topics related to training and employment as #coaching, #crescitapersonale, #lavoro and #hr.

Leadership is also discussed as political sovereignty, particularly associated with #Trump. The victory at the White House has brought the attention of the people of the social network to the guide that the US tycoon will give to his country and to the international balance that could vary as a result of this change of guard. A digital world leader is the lawyer and politician Reshma Saujani, CEO of the technological company "Girls who code". The company's goal is to bring women to technology and coding. Women are often considered far from the tech world.

In her communication on Twitter, Reshma Saujani speaks about the company's activities and her policies as an activist, dedicated mostly to strengthen the role of women in society. "I'm excited to be here in Washington DC to talk about how important is that women compete for the institutional roles!!! #sisterhood", she wrote on December 6. #sisterhood is the hashtag more used by Saujani, and the fight for the women’s rights is confirmed as her main focus also in 2017: a few days after the New Year she promoted on Twitter the #Womensmarch in Washington DC on 21 January .

Strongly lined on the side of Hillary Clinton during the American elections, the midwest Leader has often expressed her low opinion about Donald Trump. On the occasion of the last Barack Obama’s speech (#Obamafarewell) in Chicago, Reshma Saujani has spoken even towards the now former President of the United States declaring: "I will miss you @BarackObama".

Update of 8/03/2017

Tonight will be aired the last episode of the Alkemy Lab’s column: “Social Sense, il pensiero dei leader”. The section will be contained in the program “House of Leaders”, broadcast at 22.30 on Reteconomy (Sky channel 512) and also available on the live streaming of Reteconomy.

Will close this path the contribution of Monica Fantini, Cavaliere al Merito della Repubblica. Such honors was awarded to her for the humanitarian efforts in Africa and for the promotional activity of the social participation in the local area. Monica Fantini is Vice President of the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio di Forlì and creator of the Terre del Buonvivere, the organization that deals with the annual event dedicated to best practice which is the Settimana del Buon Vivere.

Monica Fantini will describe her idea of leadership and will expose some of the Alkemy Lab’s search results about leaderìs communication and about conversations about the leadership.

Update of 02/03/2017

The episode of House of Leaders of March 1st is entitled "Bulimia of information" and included the intervention of Fabio Ranieri in the Alkemy Lab section "Social Sense, il pensiero dei leader".

Watch the episode of Wednesday, March 1! The rubric of Alkemy Lab "Social Sense, the thought leaders" begins at minute 17:55!

Publication of 1/03/2017

With the new episode of House of Leaders, returns tonight at 22:30 on Reteconomy Sky the Alkemy Lab’s section Social Sense, il pensiero dei leader.

The episode will be available live both on Reteconomy (channel 512 of Sky), and on the live streaming of Reteconomy.

Guest of this section of the section will be Fabio Ranieri, technical director of the technology company Fingerlinks and co-leader of theGoogle Developer Group of Rome. Fabio Ranieri will discuss about his viewpoint on team management and will expose the results of the Alkemy Lab’s research on the social communication of the great leaders. It will focus especially on the dominant themes in the social messages launched on Twitter by the Google CEO: Sundar Pichai.