The social data analysis realized by Alkemy Lab on # sanremo2017

In connection with Sanremo 2017 La Stampa published the analysis that Alkemy Lab led on the Festival seen across social networks

The Festival was held from 7 to 11 February and, certainly, the event has left its mark on the social networks. Twitter and Facebook, in such cases, continue to be privileged observers, so Alkemy Lab monitored them to pull out the aspects on which the other sources of information put less emphasis. The research, carried out with Catchy srl within the DEEP project, converged in three articles published on La Stampa in collaboration with the journalist Gianni Riotta.

In the first article "Buona la prima: boom di spettatori dal divano ai social", were examined the social conversations about the festival that occurred during the first evening of the event.

The research shows that among the conversations on Sanremo in 2017 emerge references both to the songs and to the most popular characters.

A leading role also had the guests who came on the stage of the Ariston during the event, as #rickymartin. It is interesting to note the curious hashtags result of promotional campaigns and brand of newspaper, from #teamdivano to #sanremoceres, launched by the famous brand of beer.

However, analyzing the trend of the most popular hashtags during the evening has allowed to underline the peaks of various themes, such as that obtained the hashtags #rickymartin and #tizianoferro in correspondence with the exhibition of the two artists.

The second evening was the focus of the article "Il Festival visto dai Social: bene anche la seconda". Even the appointment of February 9 was indeed the center of many discussions on the social networks.

On Twitter, especially, after the large number of generic tweets about Sanremo, the users focused their attention on the songs, using the titles of the most popular or of the most criticized songs of the evening. Conductors, singers and guests play as usual a central role and there are many hashtags that recall their names.

More information can be drawn by analyzing in detail the used hashtag. After the official #sanremo2017 emerges strongly the attention of the user on the song of Michele Bravi #ildiariodeglierrori, and obtained wide resonance even the performances of Robbie Williams and Francesco Totti, the super-guests of the evening.

In "Passato e presente sul palco dell’Ariston", published on La Stampa on 10 February, Alkemy Lab presented the search results concerning the third evening.

An evening dominated by the presence of the super-guest Mika, who with his performance catalyzed not only the attention of the television audience, but also the posts of the Twitter’s users who were following the event.

There were also humorous hashtags. Over all #eintantovessicchio, which focuses on the historical director of the orchestra of the Festival.

The festival, therefore, continues to perform its mirroring function of the Italian social life. This is clear from the users' conversations, but not only. Even the Twitter and Facebook accounts of some of the major Italian newspapers have given attention to the event. In the account of La Stampa, Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, Il Messaggero, Il Fatto Quotidiano and Il Secolo XIX, for example, on both the social networks the most widely used word by the various newspapers in the first three days of the event was precisely Sanremo.

The last evening of the Festival was the evening of the records, and the Alkemy Lab’s analysis on this issue was published by La Stampa on February 13 in the article "#sanremo2017: il Festival dei record". The final event recorded a share greater than 58%, a fact that was not registered since 15 years. But also the social networks were invaded by a flood of post.

On Twitter, for example, there were many tweets characterized by the official event hashtag.

A significant part of these was focused on the songs presented during the event, using as hashtags the song’s titles. Even the characters, thus singers, presenters and guests, have played their part. There were also hashtags referring to television and those disseminated by news organizations or brands.

Among the most mentioned songs emerges Il Diario degli errori. The song by Michele Bravi was indeed the most mentioned on Twitter. It reaches a good position also Francesco Gabbani, that with the hashtags #gabbani, #occidentaliskarma and #francescogabbani, led the winning song to be one of the most cited in the tweet.

A curiosity: among the most popular hashtags among those used during the final emerged #termostato, a term spread virally by The Jackal and mentioned also by artists and conductors on the stage of the Ariston.