The Alkemy Lab’s analysis on the Primary elections of the Pd

The Data Intelligence research, conducted by Alkemy Lab on the Primary elections of the Democratic Party of April 30, was published on the information website

On Sunday, April 30, the Democratic Party has collected members and supporters for choosing its leadership: the Secretary of the Party. The Primary election became, since some years, an interesting opportunity to participate in the democratic life of the country. This is the reason why Alkemy Lab conducted a Data Intelligence research to offer an insight on how this appointment was faced up through the social networks. Both three candidates and users used the social channels to discuss about this topic, and from the analysis of conversations and posted contents emerged interesting elements.

The research, carried out under the DEEP project in collaboration with Catchy and Gianni Riotta, was published on the information website.

The first part, with the article Come si sono preparati i candidati alle scorse Primarie del Pd?, focused on the period before the election day.

For the electoral campaign Matteo Renzi, Michele Emiliano and Andrea Orlando has used, with different intensity, both old and new media. The TV debate, on Sky TG24, was an important moment in the days before April 30. The comparison was also greatly followed by Twitter users: in the evening of April 26, the hashtag #confrontoskytg24 was the first trend topic on the social network.

In addition to mentioning the three candidates and the generic themes for the Primary elections, Twitter users took advantage of the visibility of the eventto protest against some aspects of Italian social life. As evidenced by the hashtag # 800esiliatifaseb and #vittimedella107 devoted to school reform, and other references to Alitalia dispute and the debate on whether or not to be vaccinated for enrollment in the Children's Schools in Tuscany.

It was also possible to monitor the search interest of the three candidates on the Google search engine through Google Trends. Renzi remained in pole position every day from April 20 until 27. The significant spikes reached by Emiliano has shown how the people were "curious" about the figure of the Governor of Puglia and researched on Google information on his regard.

Renzi, Emiliano and Orlando have made a different use of their official social channels. Renzi has a number of followers and like, on his Twitter account and on his Facebook page, larger than Orlando and Emiliano. Despite this, the two opponents of the former Prime Minister have made a more intence use of social networks. Orlando and Emiliano used Facebook for a significant part of their election campaign.

The second part of the research has been published on the website with the article entitled Dalle urne ai social, il Pd elegge il suo segretario. It focused on what happened on the election day, the discussions about the Primary elections theme until the 1st of May, and Matteo Renzi's communication.

In the two weeks before the vote, and until the day after the results, the Twitter users discussed about the Primary election of the Pd primarily with reference to the candidates and to the same party.

Many other conversations contained references to television programs that dealt with the subject. The television debate held on April 26, featured by # confrontoskytg24, inspired many comments on Twitter. As well as the #maratonamentana that on the elections day followed the evolution of the scrutiny that led to the confirmation of the result. Are also present the slogans of the challengers, especially of Renzi, with #avantinsieme and #incammino, and of Orlando with #alziamolavoce. Finally, there are many references to general political terminology or to news and current events.

On April 30, the election day, Twitter discussions about the Primary elections shown a significant peaks in conjunction with the results, after keeping it constant throughout the day.

Matteo Renzi is naturally the most mentioned candidate, through the hashtag #renzi and the slogans #avanti and #incammino. It should also be noted that the use of #openPData, a hashtag spread by the YouTrend magazine, was used to remark the tweets containing the data on the voting results that were spread throughout the sections.

To find out how the new PD secretary has dealt with the electoral campaign on social networks, it is interesting to look at the key issues emerging from the tweets and Facebook posts of their official accounts.

Very common on both the social networks are the words and hashtags that recall the slogans used by Renzi and by his supporters for the electoral campaign. Above all "avanti" and "insieme". On Twitter there are many references to TV programs such as #portaaporta and #ottoemezzo, which gave space to the Primary elections theme in Tv. Facebook focuses more on general terms like "politics", "doing", "italy". Finally, in both social networks, the keyword "grazie" is very present. Is the term with which Renzi thanked its voters for the trust they gave in this important moment of participation.