The art to do Business, the feat to do Art

The event, based on music and innovation, was organized by Francesco Beraldi at the Ara Pacis in Roma

Art and business: two words that, even if they seem to be dichotomous, connect two universes that touch each other, bond together and sometimes resemble. The event that yesterday, June 23 2016, animated the Ara Pacis in Roma, expressed this and other not very traditional ideas.

It was, indeed, an original event about innovation, organized by O2e in collaboration with other business realities: Superpartes, Blackshape, TAG and Alkemy.

The key player of the event was the “Viaggio con la musica e l'impresa dal Contrappunto al Jazz” (A trip through music and business from Counterpoint to Jazz), edited by the Director Nicola Scardicchio. The musician and composer used words and music in order to drive the audience through the centuries, roughing out the evolution of music from the Pythagorean tetraktýs to the jazz. A trip that had the concepts of armony and rule, but also the ones of passion and contamination as key stages. They all are main points for those who do business and innovation. The businessmen took turn on the stage talking about these ideas: Gianfausto Ferrari, founder of Superpartes; Francesco Beraldi, president of O2e and Alkemy Tech; Luciano Belviso, president of Blackshape; Davide Dattoli, founder of TAG.

Four innovators who represent an other generation of businessmen and who shared their thories about innovation and business, focusing on passion and love for knowledge as companies’ egines. They underlined the importance of armony between coworkers in order to create value and the importance of skills’ contamination and donation.