The Uk General Elections analyzed by Alkemy Lab

The competition for the new UK Premier was the subject of the Data Intelligence research published on La Stampa

United Kingdom chose its new Premier by electing Conservative Theresa May, not without surprises. The result, in fact, has seen a retreat of the Tory positions, while Labor gained ground. Alkemy Lab realized a Data Intelligence research to analyze the event, carried out within the DEEP project and in collaboration with Catchy and journalist Gianni Riotta. The post-vote analysis was published on La Stampa in the article "May vince ma il Labour avanza, anche sui social".

Since the weeks before the elections the popularity of the Labor Party was particularly high on social networks. In Twitter posts, for example, #votelabour was the most common hashtag.

There are many tweets on #Brexit, topic at the heart of the entire electoral campaign and that still divides the people of the United Kingdom after the referendum of June 23, 2016. The election topic is also present on social channels such as Instagram and Flickr. On the first are still Corbyn and the Laborers to attract more attention, while on Flickr is instead the conservative Theresa May to be the most present in the posts. Only the term "london", featured in Flickr posts along with "General election", recalls the recent attack that strucks the Uk's capital.

Analyzing tweets about London in the days following the attack, it is possible to note that the name of the city was almost exclusively tied to the event.

#londonbridge has been the most used hashtag, but also #manchester is present, to note how the two episodes were associated in the posts. Many were "solidarity" hashtags such as #staystrong, #londonstrong and #prayforlondon.

Following the suspension due to the terrorist attack, the candidates continued their run to the June 8th elections. And despite polls still giving Theresa May a chance, few expected the result of the urns.

Even the conversations on Twitter on the day of the vote confirm the popularity of the labourist.

Among the most common hashtags there are many related to the party led by Corbyn, as #voteforlabour, #labour and the #forthemany, the labourist slogan. #Brexit has also been very present both among the social users and in the communication of the candidates.

Brexit was the main subject of Theresa May's electoral campaign on her official Twitter and Facebook accounts. And it could not be otherwise, considering that the exit from the European Union was one of the reasons that encouraged May to launch Snap Elections.

A choice that, as the result of the urns has shown, was not the best. May indeed has not achieved the purpose of strengthening the parliamentary majority of the Tory, but the elections have diminished it.