What we talked about in 2016?

The Alkemy Lab analysis on the most popular topics of the year on Facebook, Google and Twitter

To end 2016, Alkemy Lab has chosen to identify the most representative words of the year thanks to the giants of the Silicon Valley.
From Facebook, Google and Twitter, here are the most popular keywords for users.

Do not surprise the most searched terms on Google search engine. Among the characters emerges Donald Trump, the great protagonist of the year with the elections won in the United States reversing predictions and popular vote. With him the singers Prince and David Bowie, two of the celebrities who have lost their lives during the year. The greeting to the popular characters who left us in 2016 was also dominant in the conversations on Twitter, marked by the hashtag #RIP, and on Facebook, where the last memories dedicated to the life of boxer Muhammad Ali appeared.

Other themes common to all the three groups, therefore the most significant of the year, are the Olympics in Rio in 2016 and the viral mobile application Pokémon Go.
Besides witnessing the great success that the Japanese world of Pokémon raised in different generations of adolescents, Pokémon Go is an example of a technological revolution. From the Game Boy of the 90s to the augmented reality mobile application, which allows the players to move in reality as in the map of the game turning into real coaches.

Both on Twitter and on Facebook Brexit and Black Lives Matter generated interest. The British referendum that changed the European map, and the American slogan against the innocent killings of African Americans.

Black Lives Matter "is not a moment but a movement," says the national organization that behind this name struggle for the recognition of minorities. Founded in 2012 after the death of Trayvon Martin, the 17 years old boy killed by the neighbor, Black Lives Matter "works for a world where the blacks are not as systematically and intentionally murdered." The reference is primarily to the difficult relationship with the US police. The theme has been tragically popular in 2016, when African Americans killed by police were more than a hundred. From the 13 years old boy who died in Columbus, Ohio, for a soft air weapon, to the eighteen years old Carnell Snell Jr. shot in the back in Los Angeles; the United States were everywhere the ground of confrontation and demonstrations.

Popular topics on Facebook were Brasilian Politics and Rodrigo Duterte & Philippine Presidential Election. A topic closely related to the Rio Olympics has been the dismissal of the Brasilian President Dilma Rousseff, at the center of an investigation for bad management of public finances. She is accused of having rigged government accounts to facilitate their re-election. It is also discussed the election for President of the Republic of the Philippines of Rodrigo Roa Duterte, known to the international press for its strict politics against criminal organizations. Duterte, nicknamed The Punisher by the Time Magazine, is considered by the media the Donald Trump of the Philippines.

In the ranking Top 10 Global Conversations of 2016, published by Twitter, the most discussed topics of the year are, in order: Rio 2016, Election 2016, Pokémon Go, Euro 2016, Oscars, Brexit, Black Lives Matter, RIP and Game of Thrones. But are these themes still popular today? In order to answer, Catchy has monitored Twitter picking up the conversations in the recent weeks.

The great popularity of Donald Trump is a topic of discussion that also will accompany 2017. Outside of the specific time references, and therefore still discussed, are the themes Pokémon Go, Brexit, Black Lives Matter, the TV series Game of Thrones and RIP, which continues to accompany the death celebrity. The latest, those of George Michael and Carrie Fisher.
In the background are Rio 2016 and Euro 2016, the two sporting events that accompanied the year but that will be only a memory in 2017.
Recurring over the years is the theme Oscar. Today to be talked about are the candidates of 2017, in particular the Japanese soundtrack LA Venus of the documentary film We Are X. The film tells the story of the heavy metal band X Japan and its co-founder and leader Yoshiki.

Is significant the second place of the hashtag #Brexit. Only apparently limited geographically and temporally, England's decision to leave the European Union continues to be debated. The Brexit is discussed in order to follow closely the actions of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May, actions that will lead to the final exit from Europe. Brexit and Donald Trump are discussed to remember 2016 as the year of anger, of the post-truths and eyes turned to the glorious past. But today speak about Brexit especially the disappointed British people, who, faced with a choice that they still do not recognize, advance forecasts and look for solutions.
"There should be only one topic of conversation on Brexit - writes the author and philosopher Anthony Clifford Grauling on Twitter - that is, stop it!".

Text, data analysis and graphics edited in collaboration with Catchy s.r.l.