Macron wins at the polls and on social

The Alkemy Lab's research on the French presidential elections is completed and offers new elements of interest, between social analysis and historical insights

The French presidential election ended with the victory of Emmanuel Macron, and the data-driven research carried out by Alkemy Lab offers new ideas for reflection. The results of the analysis are subject of the article "#macron presidente, nelle urne e sui social" published on journalist Gianni Riotta's information portal and realized in collaboration with Catchy within the Deep project.

Macron's victory, with the 65.68% of votes, confirmed not only the predictions of experts and political scientists but also the suggestions of social trends. Twitter conversations about presidential elections, before the elections day, have seen the leader of En Marche! at the center of the discussions. #macron is often used in association with the opponent #lepen, but also with the question #macrongate or #macronleakes, the alleged hacking of some of his, and his collaborators, email.

This popularity has grown on May 7, the day of the balloting: #macron was one of the most discussed topics throughout the day. His popularity increased significantly with closing of the first polling stations in small municipalities, and with the counting of votes which gradually confirmed the identity of the new president.

It is also interesting to note the time of the day when the turnout seems to have been greater: the hashtags #avoté and #jevote are, indeed, particularly used from 11:00 to 19:00.

Macron then became the new president, adding to a list of illustrious men who had the highest office of the state: from De Gaulle, who was placed on the leadership of France after the Second World War and the birth of the Fifth Republic, until the outgoing President François Hollande.