Music and technology at the MTV Digital Days 2015

Alkemy Lab presents the experimental platform Social Sense at the MTV Digital Days 2015, the event of music and tecnological innovation at Villa Reale in Monza

The MTV Digital Days is the appointment in the end of the summer organized by MTV Italia. The edition 2015 was held on 11 and 12 september in the prestigious Ville Reale in Monza.

Music and tecnological innovation had the main role in these two days; the program of the event included electronic music lives, performances of artists and youtubers, meetings with experts of music and technology.

An important part of the MTV Digital Days 2015 was the Innovation Village, a space where some startups showed to the public some of the most innovative projects and product of the moment.

Alkemy Lab took part in the Innovation Village presenting the Music Social Complex Analysis (MSCA): the analysis of big data related to the world of music. The MSCA analyses the social networks that have as theme the music and, in particular, the topics linked to the MTV Digital Days 2015. The analysis was carried out through the use of techniques of network analysis, deriving from the theory of complex systems. Its goal is to bring out the characteristics and the subjects of the networks and to show this new information through the best graphics modes, offered by the platform Social Sense.

Thanks to the experimental platform Social Sense, a lot of information about artists, events and hastags bring out. The hashtags most used in social conversations about MTV Digital Days and the related topics are the hashtags of social contest (in particular, #MTVhottest) and big musical events (such as #VMAs and #Hot100fest). The connections between Facebook accounts showed that the most central accounts in conversations are the ones of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. Both artists had a nomination in the social contest of MTV Digital Days: Taylor Swift won it, while Justin Bieber is the most central artist in conversations.

The hosts of the Innovation Village were: Alkemy Lab, Accademia+, BattleTunes, Elettra Robotics Lab, FabLab Milano, Feel the music, see the music, FireTech CampItalia, Flock’in, Frankenstein Garage, Glitch Factory, GoGoBus, Guestar, Makerland, MEG, Miocugino, Monster GoDj, Mupin.


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