Olivetti day 2016: adedicated to sharing economy, technology and innovation

At the Teatro Grande in Brescia the protagonists of the world of business and innovation shared their experience on November 17th, the day dedicated to Adriano Olivetti

An event that had as its protagonists the world of enterprise, business and innovation was held on 17 November at the Teatro Grande in Brescia. An event dedicated to the memory of Adriano Olivetti, whose corporate philosophy still permeates the italian cultural and social fabric.

The presentations of the speakers were intense and interesting, moderated by Gianfausto Ferrari, president of Superapartes Innovation Campus and organizer of the event.

Sharing economy: threat or opportunity? This was the central theme of the 2016 Olivetti Day. The guests discussed about the global challenges arising from the new kind of economy known as shared economy. From Airbnb to Uber, through Blablacar, what impact have the businesses based on the sharing paradigm on the Italian and global economy? The speakers clearly shown many of the opportunities offered by the sharing economy, which proves to have a significant impact on all the sectors, and in particular on ICT, employment and tourism.

Francesco Beraldi, president of Alkemy Tech and o2e, partner of Tag and Superpartes, was one of the protagonists of the Olivetti Day with the speech entitled "Tortillas Economy". The economy, Beraldi said, has had several transformation from acquisitive to agriculture and industry, to become today's information economy thanks to the rapid ICT development and the advent of Big Data.

Watch the video “Dalle economie acquisitive all’economia dell’informazione”

The sharing economy, made possible by the information economy, it may be an opportunity if lived in a responsible way. Sharing, continued Francesco Beraldi, in english has the double meaning of "divide" and "share" A true and responsible sharing economy, however, is only the one founded on the principle of "sharing."

But every great technological revolution brings potential dystopian implications. Implications that companies will be able to overcome only by passing from the “itself” to the “us”, that is, reclaiming the sense of community and reviving the social enterprise values.

Francesco Beraldi then gave clarity and incisiveness to his message through the actualization of an ancient fairy tale: The Bremen town musicians. The tale, just like a parable, strongly testifies as sharing is the basic principle for the creation of new opportunities. The mission of entrepreneurs is now to transform their enterprise in a shared community, exercising passion, courage and utopia.

Watch the video “I musicanti di Brema - Utopia, Passione, Coraggio: i valori dell’impresa sociale”

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