Olivetti Day 2017: “innovate necesse est”

On Thursday, May 11, Brescia hosted the 2017 edition of the event dedicated to Adriano Olivetti, with the participation of Francesco Beraldi

The imprint left by Adriano Olivetti, both in business and in cultural fields, is still strong. The 2017 edition of the Adriano Olivetti Day was held on Thursday, May 11, at the Great Hall of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Brescia. Also, Alkemy Lab took part at the event with the participation of Francesco Beraldi, President of Alkemy Tech and founder of O2e.

Beraldi made his speech at the Olivetti Day by presenting a reflection on the topic chosen for this event: "Generational involvement in the era of the Digital Transformation". He spoke about company's journey towards the digital transformation mixing in it the salient features of his entrepreneurial experience. Machines and technology have always been the extension of man's skills and intelligence, and the man through technique has tried to progress and, above all, was able to take time to thinking

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Just the thought allows men to stay alive and promote innovation. The journey of entrepreneurship must feed itself of change and openness, considering the innovation not just as an option but as a necessity: "innovation needs east".

Watch the video “Innovate necesse est”:

The digital revolution has allowed companies to "wander", losing models and routes predefined to move towards true change. An innovation that goes through self-transformation and openness to other realities that, according to the Open Innovation model, allow to enrich the company's internal borders. Finally Beraldi concluded his speech describing the generational passage as the transmission of the innovative gene to the new generations. The entrepreneur must act as a guide, keep a child's eye and, above all, know how to listen to not transform the generational passage into degeneration.

The creators of the Adriano Olivetti Day, which is an occasion to point out the state of of the innovation in Italy since 2013, are the founding members of the Superpartes Innovation Campus: Gianfausto Ferrari, Marino Piotti and Fulvio Primatesta. Along with entrepreneurs such as Francesco Beraldi and other figures of the Italian entrepreneurial realities, financial and academic world.

After the greetings of Gianfausto Ferrari, Maurizio Tira rector of the University of Brescia and Stefano Vittorio Kuhn representative of UBI Banca, Maurizio Vitale speaks in the name of the Fondazione Olivetti, highlighting Adriano Olivetti’s life related to the theme of the event. The story of the Italian innovator, like Vitale emphasized, shows the importance of the generational sharing. A central moment for companies, during which the "coexistence" between members of different generations allows an exchange of experiences and knowledge.

Paolo Streparava presented the experience of the Streparava S.p.A. company, founded in 1951 and which has been gradually passed from past to present with a generational coexistence based on the trust. The Mapei Group was represented by its Global Development Director Veronica Squinzi. Even for her the access to the company was a gradual "getting in learning".

For a company with a long history such as the Fabbrica d’Armi Beretta, as President Franco Gussalli Beretta pointed out, generational transition is central to continuing to be competitive in the market. This was also the result of Gian Pietro Beghelli’s experience starting as an employee of large corporations, and he became a businessman and founded the famous Beghelli S.p.A. And this emerges also from the story of Ali Reza Arabnia, President and CEO of Geico Taikisha, who reflects the heritage of an Iranian entrepreneurs family with a long history.

After the experiences of this speakers Mario Mazzoleni, Professor of Strategy and Business Management of the University of Brescia, invited the entrepreneurs to put together "heart and head" in these phases of change. The task of closing the event with his intervention it fell upon Francesco Beraldi.

The Brescia event has also attracted the attention of social networks. On Twitter, for example, most of the conversations about Olivetti Day were centered on one of the themes of the event: the #digitaltransformation. In the post there were many references to the organizers, even with the use of the hashtag #superpartes, while Mapei and Beretta's interventions were particularly quoted on Twitter with the related hashtags.

Soon the attention will be again on the Olivetti Day. Gianfausto Ferrari, indeed, greeted the audience in the hall with an invitation: a new appointment in Brescia in the autumn, for an event edition focused on Science and Technology.